charles lawrie
charles lawrie
Biodonostia. Research Institute
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Detection of elevated levels of tumour‐associated microRNAs in serum of patients with diffuse large B‐cell lymphoma
CH Lawrie, S Gal, HM Dunlop, B Pushkaran, AP Liggins, K Pulford, ...
British journal of haematology 141 (5), 672-675, 2008
Integrated genomic analysis identifies recurrent mutations and evolution patterns driving the initiation and progression of follicular lymphoma
J Okosun, C Bödör, J Wang, S Araf, CY Yang, C Pan, S Boller, D Cittaro, ...
Nature genetics 46 (2), 176-181, 2014
MicroRNA expression distinguishes between germinal center B cell‐like and activated B cell‐like subtypes of diffuse large B cell lymphoma
CH Lawrie, S Soneji, T Marafioti, CDO Cooper, S Palazzo, JC Paterson, ...
International journal of cancer 121 (5), 1156-1161, 2007
CircRNAs and cancer: biomarkers and master regulators
E Arnaiz, C Sole, L Manterola, L Iparraguirre, D Otaegui, CH Lawrie
Seminars in cancer biology 58, 90-99, 2019
New concepts in cancer biomarkers: circulating miRNAs in liquid biopsies
E Larrea, C Sole, L Manterola, I Goicoechea, M Armesto, M Arestin, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 17 (5), 627, 2016
Expression of microRNAs in diffuse large B cell lymphoma is associated with immunophenotype, survival and transformation from follicular lymphoma
CH Lawrie, J Chi, S Taylor, D Tramonti, E Ballabio, S Palazzo, ...
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 13 (7), 1248-1260, 2009
MicroRNAs and haematology: small molecules, big function
CH Lawrie
British journal of haematology 137 (6), 503-512, 2007
Gene expression profiling of CD34+ cells in patients with the 5q− syndrome
J Boultwood, A Pellagatti, H Cattan, CH Lawrie, A Giagounidis, ...
British journal of haematology 139 (4), 578-589, 2007
Ixodid and argasid tick species and West Nile virus
CH Lawrie, NY Uzcátegui, EA Gould, PA Nuttall
Emerging Infectious Diseases 10 (4), 653, 2004
MicroRNA expression in Sezary syndrome: identification, function, and diagnostic potential
E Ballabio, T Mitchell, MS van Kester, S Taylor, HM Dunlop, J Chi, I Tosi, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 116 (7), 1105-1113, 2010
MicroRNA profile of Marek's disease virus-transformed T-cell line MSB-1: predominance of virus-encoded microRNAs
Y Yao, Y Zhao, H Xu, LP Smith, CH Lawrie, M Watson, V Nair
Journal of virology 82 (8), 4007-4015, 2008
Marek's disease virus type 2 (MDV-2)-encoded microRNAs show no sequence conservation with those encoded by MDV-1
Y Yao, Y Zhao, H Xu, LP Smith, CH Lawrie, A Sewer, M Zavolan, V Nair
Journal of virology 81 (13), 7164-7170, 2007
miRNA expression profiling of mycosis fungoides
MS van Kester, E Ballabio, MF Benner, XH Chen, NJ Saunders, ...
Molecular oncology 5 (3), 273-280, 2011
MicroRNA expression in multiple myeloma is associated with genetic subtype, isotype and survival
J Chi, E Ballabio, XH Chen, R Kušec, S Taylor, D Hay, D Tramonti, ...
Biology direct 6, 1-17, 2011
MicroRNA expression in lymphocyte development and malignancy
CH Lawrie, NJ Saunders, S Soneji, S Palazzo, HM Dunlop, CDO Cooper, ...
Leukemia 22 (7), 1440-1446, 2008
SOX9 elevation acts with canonical WNT signaling to drive gastric cancer progression
JC Santos, E Carrasco-Garcia, M Garcia-Puga, P Aldaz, M Montes, ...
Cancer research 76 (22), 6735-6746, 2016
Oncogenic roles and inhibitors of DNMT1, DNMT3A, and DNMT3B in acute myeloid leukaemia
KK Wong, CH Lawrie, TM Green
Biomarker insights 14, 1177271919846454, 2019
Ixodes ticks: serum species sensitivity of anticomplement activity
CH Lawrie, SE Randolph, PA Nuttall
Experimental parasitology 93 (4), 207-214, 1999
The circulating transcriptome as a source of cancer liquid biopsy biomarkers
C Sole, E Arnaiz, L Manterola, D Otaegui, CH Lawrie
Seminars in cancer biology 58, 100-108, 2019
The circulating transcriptome as a source of non‐invasive cancer biomarkers: concepts and controversies of non‐coding and coding RNA in body fluids
M Fernandez‐Mercado, L Manterola, E Larrea, I Goicoechea, M Arestin, ...
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 19 (10), 2307-2323, 2015
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