Mikel Calle
Mikel Calle
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Channel dynamics and geomorphic resilience in an ephemeral Mediterranean river affected by gravel mining
M Calle, P Alho, G Benito
Geomorphology 285, 333-346, 2017
On the interest of using the multiple center approach in ESR dating of optically bleached quartz grains: Some examples from the Early Pleistocene terraces of the Alcanadre …
M Duval, C Sancho, M Calle, V Guilarte, JL Peña-Monné
Quaternary Geochronology 29, 58-69, 2015
Patterns of runoff and sediment production in response to land-use changes in an ungauged Mediterranean catchment
X Rodriguez-Lloveras, G Bussi, F Francés, E Rodriguez-Caballero, ...
Journal of Hydrology 531, 1054-1066, 2015
Dating the Earliest Pleistocene alluvial terrace of the Alcanadre River (Ebro Basin, NE Spain): Insights into the landscape evolution and involved processes
C Sancho, M Calle, JL Peña-Monné, M Duval, B Oliva-Urcia, EL Pueyo, ...
Quaternary International 407, 86-95, 2016
Post-tectonic landscape evolution in NE Iberia using staircase terraces: Combined effects of uplift and climate
CJ Lewis, C Sancho, EV McDonald, JL Peña-Monné, EL Pueyo, ...
Geomorphology 292, 85-103, 2017
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Weed Plants Using Low-Cost Photogrammetry
D Andújar, M Calle, C Fernández-Quintanilla, Á Ribeiro, J Dorado
Sensors 18 (4), 1077, 2018
Historical palaeohydrology and landscape resilience of a Mediterranean rambla (Castellón, NE Spain): Floods and people
MJ Machado, A Medialdea, M Calle, MT Rico, Y Sánchez-Moya, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 171, 182-198, 2017
The sequence of quaternary fluvial terraces of the Alcanadre river (Huesca): characterization and paleoenvironmental aspects
M Calle, C Sancho, JL Peña, P Cunha, B Oliva-Urcia, EL Pueyo
Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica 39 (1), 159-178, 2013
Topographical change caused by moderate and small floods in a gravel bed ephemeral river–a depth-averaged morphodynamic simulation approach
ES Lotsari, M Calle, G Benito, A Kukko, H Kaartinen, J Hyyppä, H Hyyppä, ...
Earth surface dynamics 6 (1), 163-185, 2018
Morphodynamics of an ephemeral gravel-bed stream combining Mobile Laser Scanner, hydraulic simulations and geomorphological indicators.
M Calle, E Lotsari, A Kukko, P Alho, H Kaartinen, X Rodriguez-Lloveras, ...
Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues 59 (3), 33-57, 2015
Extreme Floods in Small Mediterranean Catchments: Long-Term Response to Climate Variability and Change
G Benito, Y Sanchez-Moya, A Medialdea, M Barriendos, M Calle, M Rico, ...
Water 12 (4), 1008, 2020
Inferring sediment transfers and functional connectivity of rivers from repeat topographic surveys
M Calle, J Calle, P Alho, G Benito
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 45 (3), 681-693, 2020
Monitoring ephemeral river changes during floods with SfM photogrammetry
M Calle, P Alho, G Benito
Journal of Iberian Geology 44 (3), 355-373, 2018
Potencial paleoclimático de la cueva helada A294 (Macizo de Cotiella, Pirineos, Huesca)
C Sancho, A Belmonte, J López-Martínez, A Moreno, M Bartolomé, ...
Geogaceta 52, 101-104, 2012
El papel del piping en la espeleogénesis del sistema endokárstico de Seso (Pirineo central, Huesca)
M Bartolomé, C Sancho Marcén, A Moreno Caballud, Á Belmonte, ...
Sociedad Española de Geomorfología, 2013
Basin‐wide hydromorphological analysis of ephemeral streams using machine learning algorithms
MP Rabanaque, V Martínez‐Fernández, M Calle, G Benito
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 47 (1), 328-344, 2022
Morphosedimentary dynamics of ephemeral rivers affected by gravel mining: GIS mapping and geomorphic change detection
M Calle
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2018
Effects of glaciation on karst hydrology and sedimentology during the Last Glacial Cycle: The case of Granito cave, Central Pyrenees (Spain)
M Bartolomé, C Sancho, G Benito, A Medialdea, M Calle, A Moreno, ...
CATENA 206, 105252, 2021
A 1400-years flood frequency reconstruction for the Basque country (N Spain): Integrating geological, historical and instrumental datasets
JP Corella, G Benito, AP Monteoliva, J Sigro, M Calle, BL Valero-Garcés, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 262, 106963, 2021
Impacts of sediment connectivity on Holocene alluvial records across a Mediterranean basin (Guadalentín River, SE-Spain)
X Rodriguez-Lloveras, MJ Machado, Y Sanchez-Moya, M Calle, ...
CATENA 187, 104321, 2020
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