Xingfeng He
Xingfeng He
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Negating interfacial impedance in garnet-based solid-state Li metal batteries
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Origin of fast ion diffusion in super-ionic conductors
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X He, Y Mo
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X He, Y Wu, F Zhao, J Wang, K Jiang, S Fan
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First-Principles Study of Oxyhydride H Ion Conductors: Toward Facile Anion Conduction in Oxide-Based Materials
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Anodes of lithium battery
XF He, Y Wu, JP Wang, KL Jiang, SS Fan
US Patent App. 13/869,946, 2014
First principles hybrid functional study of small polarons in doped SrCeO3 perovskite: towards computation design of materials with tailored polaron
Q Bai, Y Zhu, X He, E Wachsman, Y Mo
Ionics 24, 1139-1151, 2018
Li15P4S16Cl3, a Lithium Chlorothiophosphate as a Solid-State Ionic Conductor
Z Liu, T Zinkevich, S Indris, X He, J Liu, W Xu, J Bai, S Xiong, Y Mo, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (1), 226-234, 2019
Methods for fabricating anodes of lithium battery
Y Wu, XF He, JP Wang, KL Jiang, SS Fan
US Patent App. 13/869,939, 2014
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