Mlungele M. Nsikani
Mlungele M. Nsikani
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Barriers to ecosystem restoration presented by soil legacy effects of invasive alien N2‐fixing woody species: implications for ecological restoration
MM Nsikani, BW van Wilgen, M Gaertner
Restoration Ecology 26 (2), 235-244, 2018
A four‐component classification of uncertainties in biological invasions: implications for management
G Latombe, S Canavan, H Hirsch, C Hui, S Kumschick, MM Nsikani, ...
Ecosphere 10 (4), e02669, 2019
Acacia saligna's soil legacy effects persist up to 10 years after clearing: Implications for ecological restoration
MM Nsikani, A Novoa, BW van Wilgen, JH Keet, M Gaertner
Austral Ecology 42 (8), 880-889, 2017
Biological invasions and ecological restoration in South Africa
PM Holmes, KJ Esler, M Gaertner, S Geerts, SA Hall, MM Nsikani, ...
Biological Invasions in South Africa, 665-700, 2020
Secondary invasion and weedy native species dominance after clearing invasive alien plants in South Africa: Status quo and prognosis
MM Nsikani, S Geerts, S Ruwanza, DM Richardson
South African Journal of Botany 132, 338-345, 2020
Secondary invasion after clearing invasive Acacia saligna in the South African fynbos
MM Nsikani, M Gaertner, S Kritzinger-Klopper, NP Ngubane, KJ Esler
South African Journal of Botany 125, 280-289, 2019
Re-establishment of Protea repens after clearing invasive Acacia saligna: Consequences of soil legacy effects and a native nitrophilic weedy species
MM Nsikani, BW van Wilgen, S Bacher, M Gaertner
South African Journal of Botany 116, 103-109, 2018
Is invasion science moving towards agreed standards? The influence of selected frameworks
JRU Wilson, A Datta, H Hirsch, JH Keet, T Mbobo, KV Nkuna, MM Nsikani, ...
Sharing knowledge to improve ecological restoration outcomes
ES Gornish, M McCormick, M Begay, MM Nsikani
Restoration Ecology, e13417, 2021
Knowledge sharing for shared success in the decade on ecosystem restoration
E Ladouceur, N Shackelford, K Bouazza, L Brudvig, A Bucharova, ...
Ecological Solutions and Evidence 3 (1), e12117, 2022
Soil nitrogen availability favours the growth but not germination of secondary invaders after clearing invasive Acacia saligna
MM Nsikani, M Gaertner, G Latombe, KJ Esler
South African Journal of Botany 143, 198-204, 2021
Secondary invaders in riparian habitats can remain up to 10 years after invasive alien Eucalyptus tree clearing
S Geerts, JR Mangachena, MM Nsikani
South African Journal of Botany 146, 491-496, 2022
Mediterranean pines as invasive species in the Southern Hemisphere
DM Richardson, MM Nsikani
Pines and Their Mixed Forest Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Basin, 83-99, 2021
We object to Bad Science: Poor research practices should be discouraged!
PN Mothapo, EE Phiri, TL Maduna, R Malgas, R Richards, TT Sylvester, ...
South African Journal of Science 116 (SPE), 1-7, 2020
Size of black patches and spots on the upperwing and underwing greater secondary coverts in selected feathers are not good indicators of age and sex in Cape Vultures Gyps …
MM Nsikani, J Mundava, PJ Mundy
Vulture News 69, 23-32, 2015
UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: key considerations for Africa
MM Nsikani, P Anderson, Z Bouragaoui, S Geerts, ES Gornish, JG Kairo, ...
Restoration Ecology, e13699, 2022
Barriers to ecosystem restoration after clearing invasive Acacia species in the South African fynbos: soil legacy effects, secondary invaders and weedy native species
MM Nsikani
Stellenbosch: Stellenbosch University, 2018
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