Helena Wiklund
Helena Wiklund
Principal Research Engineer, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
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Insights into the abundance and diversity of abyssal megafauna in a polymetallic-nodule region in the eastern Clarion-Clipperton Zone
DJ Amon, AF Ziegler, TG Dahlgren, AG Glover, A Goineau, AJ Gooday, ...
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A shallow-water whale-fall experiment in the north Atlantic
TG Dahlgren, H Wiklund, B Källström, T Lundälv, CR Smith, AG Glover
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Phylogeny of scale-worms (Aphroditiformia, Annelida), assessed from 18SrRNA, 28SrRNA, 16SrRNA, mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI), and morphology
E Norlinder, A Nygren, H Wiklund, F Pleijel
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 65 (2), 490-500, 2012
Three new species of Ophryotrocha (Annelida: Dorvilleidae) from a whale-fall in the North-East Atlantic
H Wiklund, AG Glover, TG Dahlgren
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An end-to-end DNA taxonomy methodology for benthic biodiversity survey in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone, central Pacific abyss
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Stable isotope signatures and methane use by New Zealand cold seep benthos
AR Thurber, K Kröger, C Neira, H Wiklund, LA Levin
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The discovery of a natural whale fall in the Antarctic deep sea
DJ Amon, AG Glover, H Wiklund, L Marsh, K Linse, AD Rogers, JT Copley
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Cryptic speciation at organic‐rich marine habitats: a new bacteriovore annelid from whale‐fall and fish farms in the North‐East Atlantic
H Wiklund, AG Glover, PJ Johannessen, TG Dahlgren
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Phylogeny of Aphroditiformia (Polychaeta) based on molecular and morphological data
H Wiklund, A Nygren, F Pleijel, P Sundberg
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 37 (2), 494-502, 2005
Bone-eating worms from the Antarctic: the contrasting fate of whale and wood remains on the Southern Ocean seafloor
AG Glover, H Wiklund, S Taboada, C Avila, J Cristobo, CR Smith, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280 (1768), 2013
DNA barcoding uncovers cryptic diversity in 50% of deep-sea Antarctic polychaetes
MJ Brasier, H Wiklund, L Neal, R Jeffreys, K Linse, H Ruhl, AG Glover
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Ecology and biogeography of megafauna and macrofauna at the first known deep-sea hydrothermal vents on the ultraslow-spreading Southwest Indian Ridge
JT Copley, L Marsh, AG Glover, V Hühnerbach, VE Nye, WDK Reid, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-13, 2016
High symbiont diversity in the bone‐eating worm Osedax mucofloris from shallow whale‐falls in the North Atlantic
C Verna, A Ramette, H Wiklund, TG Dahlgren, AG Glover, F Gaill, ...
Environmental Microbiology 12 (8), 2355-2370, 2010
Point of View: Managing a sustainable deep-sea ‘blue economy’requires knowledge of what actually lives there
AG Glover, H Wiklund, C Chen, TG Dahlgren
ELife 7, e41319, 2018
Phylogeny, evolution and mitochondrial gene order rearrangement in scale worms (Aphroditiformia, Annelida)
Y Zhang, J Sun, GW Rouse, H Wiklund, F Pleijel, HK Watanabe, C Chen, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 125, 220-231, 2018
Systematics and biodiversity of Ophryotrocha (Annelida, Dorvilleidae) with descriptions of six new species from deep-sea whale-fall and wood-fall habitats in the north-east Pacific
H Wiklund, IV Altamira, AG Glover, CR Smith, AR Baco, TG Dahlgren
Systematics and Biodiversity 10 (2), 243-259, 2012
A chemosynthetic weed: the tubeworm Sclerolinum contortum is a bipolar, cosmopolitan species
MN Georgieva, H Wiklund, JB Bell, MH Eilertsen, RA Mills, CTS Little, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 15 (1), 280, 2015
Two new Antarctic Ophryotrocha (Annelida: Dorvilleidae) described from shallow-water whale bones
S Taboada, H Wiklund, AG Glover, TG Dahlgren, J Cristobo, C Avila
Polar Biology 36 (7), 1031-1045, 2013
Abyssal fauna of the UK-1 polymetallic nodule exploration claim, Clarion-Clipperton Zone, central Pacific Ocean: Echinodermata
AG Glover, H Wiklund, M Rabone, DJ Amon, CR Smith, T O'Hara, CL Mah, ...
Biodiversity data journal, 2016
Phylogeny of Hesionidae (Aciculata, Polychaeta), assessed from morphology, 18S rDNA, 28S rDNA, 16S rDNA and COI
C Ruta, A Nygren, V Rousset, P Sundberg, A Tillier, H Wiklund, F Pleijel
Zoologica Scripta 36 (1), 99-107, 2007
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