Stefan Bidula
Stefan Bidula
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Recognition of DHN-melanin by a C-type lectin receptor is required for immunity to Aspergillus
MHT Stappers, AE Clark, V Aimanianda, S Bidula, DM Reid, ...
Nature 555 (7696), 382-386, 2018
Constitutive lysosome exocytosis releases ATP and engages P2Y receptors in human monocytes
V Sivaramakrishnan, S Bidula, H Campwala, D Katikaneni, SJ Fountain
Journal of cell science 125 (19), 4567-4575, 2012
H‐ficolin binds Aspergillus fumigatus leading to activation of the lectin complement pathway and modulation of lung epithelial immune responses
S Bidula, DW Sexton, M Yates, A Abdolrasouli, A Shah, R Wallis, A Reed, ...
Immunology 146 (2), 281-291, 2015
The serum opsonin L-ficolin is detected in lungs of human transplant recipients following fungal infections and modulates inflammation and killing of Aspergillus fumigatus
S Bidula, DW Sexton, A Abdolrasouli, A Shah, A Reed, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 212 (2), 234-246, 2015
Role of ficolin-A and lectin complement pathway in the innate defense against pathogenic Aspergillus species
S Bidula, H Kenawy, YM Ali, D Sexton, WJ Schwaeble, S Schelenz
Infection and immunity 81 (5), 1730-1740, 2013
Encyclopedia of immunobiology
MJH Ratcliffe
Academic Press, 2016
Ficolins and the recognition of pathogenic microorganisms: an overview of the innate immune response and contribution of single nucleotide polymorphisms
S Bidula, DW Sexton, S Schelenz
Journal of immunology research 2019, 2019
To inhibit or enhance? Is there a benefit to positive allosteric modulation of P2X receptors?
L Stokes, S Bidula, L Bibič, E Allum
Frontiers in pharmacology 11, 627, 2020
Positive allosteric modulation of P2X7 promotes apoptotic cell death over lytic cell death responses in macrophages
S Bidula, K Dhuna, R Helliwell, L Stokes
Cell death & disease 10 (12), 1-16, 2019
Ginsenosides act as positive modulators of P2X4 receptors
K Dhuna, M Felgate, SM Bidula, S Walpole, L Bibic, BA Cromer, J Angulo, ...
Molecular Pharmacology 95 (2), 210-221, 2019
Mapping a novel positive allosteric modulator binding site in the central vestibule region of human P2X7
SM Bidula, BA Cromer, S Walpole, J Angulo, L Stokes
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-11, 2019
Serum opsonin ficolin-A enhances host–fungal interactions and modulates cytokine expression from human monocyte-derived macrophages and neutrophils following Aspergillus …
S Bidula, DW Sexton, S Schelenz
Medical microbiology and immunology 205 (2), 133-142, 2016
Opsonizing properties of rat ficolin-A in the defence against Cryptococcus neoformans
S Schelenz, N Kirchhof, S Bidula, R Wallis, DW Sexton
Immunobiology 218 (4), 477-483, 2013
A sweet response to a sour situation: the role of soluble pattern recognition receptors in the innate immune response to invasive Aspergillus fumigatus infections
S Bidula, S Schelenz
PLoS Pathogens 12 (7), e1005637, 2016
Structural basis of the negative allosteric modulation of 5-BDBD at human P2X4 receptors
S Bidula, IB Nadzirin, M Cominetti, H Hickey, SA Cullum, M Searcey, ...
Molecular Pharmacology 101 (1), 33-44, 2022
Insights into the structure-activity relationship of glycosides as positive allosteric modulators acting on P2X7 receptors
W Piyasirananda, A Beekman, A Ganesan, S Bidula, L Stokes
Molecular Pharmacology 99 (2), 163-174, 2021
Recognition of DHN-melanin by MelLec, is required for protective immunity to Aspergillus
MHT Stappers, AE Clark, V Aimanianda, S Bidula, DM Reid, ...
Nature 555 (7696), 382, 2018
Analysis of putative quadruplex-forming sequences in fungal genomes: novel antifungal targets?
EF Warner, N Bohálová, V Brázda, ZAE Waller, S Bidula
Microbial genomics 7 (5), 2021
Serum ficolins enhance phagocytosis and killing of Aspergillus fumigatus leading to a modulation of the pro-inflammatory cytokine response
S Bidula, D Sexton, S Schelenz
Immunology 140 (S1), 121-122, 2013
Conservation and over-representation of G-quadruplex sequences in regulatory regions of mitochondrial DNA across distinct taxonomic sub-groups
N Bohálová, M Dobrovolná, V Brázda, S Bidula
Biochimie 194, 28-34, 2022
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