Alexanadar Iliev, MD, PhD
Alexanadar Iliev, MD, PhD
Chief Assist.Professor; Medical University of Sofia; http://www.mu-sofia.bg/
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Palmaris longus muscle variations: clinical significance and proposal of new classifications
GP Georgiev, AA Iliev, IN Dimitrova, GN Kotov, LG Malinova, ...
Folia Medica 59 (3), 289-297, 2017
Medical Ultrasound in the Evaluation of the Carpal Tunnel: A Critical Review
GP Georgiev, V Karabinov, G Kotov, A Iliev
Cureus 10 (10), e3487, 2018
A comparative study of the epiligament of the medial collateral and the anterior cruciate ligament in the human knee. Immunohistochemical analysis of collagen type I and V and …
GP Georgiev, G Kotov, A Iliev, S Slavchev, W Ovtscharoff, B Landzhov
Annals of Anatomy-Anatomischer Anzeiger 224, 88-96, 2019
Extensor indicis proprius muscle and its variants together with the extensor digitorum brevis manus muscle: a common classification. Clinical significance in hand and …
GP Georgiev, RS Tubbs, A Iliev, G Kotov, B Landzhov
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy 40 (3), 271-280, 2018
Light and electron microscopic study of the medial collateral ligament epiligament tissue in human knees
GP Georgiev, A Iliev, G Kotov, P Kinov, S Slavchev, B Landzhov
World Journal of Orthopedics 8 (5), 372-378, 2017
Matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9 expression in the epiligament of the medial collateral and anterior cruciate ligament in human knees: a comparative study
GP Georgiev, B Landzhov, G Kotov, SA Slavchev, A Iliev
Cureus 10 (11), e3550, 2018
A Rare Case of an Azygos Lobe in the Right Lung of a 40-year-old Male
G Kotov, IN Dimitrova, A Iliev, V Groudeva
Cureus 10 (6), e2780, 2018
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Approaches in Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
A Zaralieva, GP Georgiev, V Karabinov, A Iliev, A Aleksiev
Cureus 12 (3), e7171, 2020
Hypertension-induced changes in the rat myocardium during the development of cardiac hypertrophy–a comparison between the left and the right ventricle
A Iliev, G Kotov, IN Dimitrova, B Landzhov
Acta Histochemica 121 (1), 16-28, 2018
A comparative morphometric study of the myocardium during the postnatal development in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats
AA Iliev, GN Kotov, BV Landzhov, LS Jelev, VK Kirkov, DV Hinova-Palova
Folia Morphologica 77 (2), 253-265, 2018
Symptomatic os subtibiale associated with chronic pain around the medial malleolus in a young athlete
AA Iliev, GP Georgiev, BV Landzhov, SA Slavchev, IN Dimitrova, ...
Folia Medica 58 (1), 60-63, 2016
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment with Open Surgical Release: a Study in 292 Patients
GP Georgiev, V Karabinov, B Matev, A Iliev, G Kotov, B Landzhov
Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica 24 (3-4), 76-81, 2017
A doubled palmaris longus muscle: case report
A Iliev, L Jelev, B Landzhov, L Malinova, D Hinova-Palova, A Paloff, ...
Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica 19 (1), 78-80, 2012
Comparison between Operative and Non-Operative Treatment of the Medial Collateral Ligament: Histological and Ultrastructural Findings during Early Healing in the Epiligament …
GP Georgiev, G Kotov, A Iliev, P Kinov, J Angelova, B Lanzdhov
Cells Tissues Organs 206 (3), 165-181, 2019
А case of bilateral variations in the arterial branching in the upper limb and clinical implications
S Stanchev, A Iliev, GP Georgiev, L Malinova, B Landzhov
Chronicle Journal of Clinical Case Reports 1 (1), 006, 2017
Localization of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in injured medial collateral ligament epiligament in rat knee
GP Georgiev, A Iliev, B Landzhov, IN Dimitrova, G Kotov, L Malinova, ...
Comptes rendus de l’Académie bulgare des Sciences 70 (2), 273-278, 2017
Changes in the number of mast cells, expression of fibroblast growth factor-2 and extent of interstitial fibrosis in established and advanced hypertensive heart disease
G Kotov, B Landzhov, N Stamenov, S Stanchev, A Iliev
Annals of Anatomy-Anatomischer Anzeiger 232, 151564, 2020
Epiligament tissue of the medial collateral ligament in rat knee joint: ultrastructural study
GP Georgiev, A Iliev, G Kotov, VK Nedialkova, V Kirkov, B Lanzdhov
Cureus 11 (1), e3812, 2019
Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 and 9 in the medial collateral ligament epiligament in rat knee
A Iliev, GP Georgiev, IN Dimitrova, G Kotov, L Malinova, P Rashev, ...
Academia Anatomica International 1 (2), 44-48, 2016
A variation in the origin and course of the posterior circumflex humeral artery and the deep brachial artery: clinical importance of the variation
AA Iliev, LG Mitrov, GP Georgiev
Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Research 8 (2), 164-167, 2015
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