Fani Andelman
Fani Andelman
Tel Aviv Medical Center
Потвърден имейл адрес: post.tau.ac.il
Interhemispheric correlations of slow spontaneous neuronal fluctuations revealed in human sensory cortex
Y Nir, R Mukamel, I Dinstein, E Privman, M Harel, L Fisch, ...
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Verbal pragmatics following unilateral stroke: Emotional content and valence.
JC Borod, KD Rorie, LH Pick, RL Bloom, F Andelman, AL Campbell, ...
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Quality of life self‐assessment as a function of lateralization of lesion in candidates for epilepsy surgery
F Andelman, I Fried, MY Neufeld
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Spatial and object-based attention modulates broadband high-frequency responses across the human visual cortical hierarchy
I Davidesco, M Harel, M Ramot, U Kramer, S Kipervasser, F Andelman, ...
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Language related reorganization in adult brain with slow growing glioma: fMRI prospective case-study
K Rosenberg, R Liebling, G Avidan, D Perry, T Siman-Tov, F Andelman, ...
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Hippocampal memory function as reflected by the intracarotid sodium methohexital Wada test
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Frontiers in human neuroscience 6, 79, 2012
Psychometric aspects of verbal pragmatic ratings
RL Bloom, LH Pick, JC Borod, KD Rorie, F Andelman, LK Obler, ...
Brain and Language 68 (3), 553-565, 1999
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