Paunka Vassileva
Paunka Vassileva
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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Investigation on natural and pretreated Bulgarian clinoptilolite for ammonium ions removal from aqueous solutions
P Vassileva, D Voikova
Journal of hazardous materials 170 (2-3), 948-953, 2009
Removal of ammonium ions from aqueous solutions with coal-based activated carbons modified by oxidation
P Vassileva, P Tzvetkova, R Nickolov
Fuel 88 (2), 387-390, 2009
Modified silica gel with 5-amino-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole-2-thiol for heavy metal ions removal
P Tzvetkova, P Vassileva, R Nickolov
Journal of Porous Materials 17 (4), 459-463, 2010
Removal of metal ions from aqueous solutions using pyrolyzed rice husks: adsorption kinetics and equilibria
P Vassileva, A Detcheva, I Uzunov, S Uzunova
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XPS determination of the binding energies of phosphorus and nitrogen in phosphazenes
P Vassileva, V Krastev, L Lakov, O Peshev
Journal of materials science 39 (9), 3201-3202, 2004
Reduced iron sites in Fe–BEA and Fe–ZSM-5 zeolites: FTIR study of CO adsorption and 12C16O–13C18O co-adsorption
KH MihailMihaylov, Elena Ivanova, KristinaChakarova, Paunka Novachka (Vassileva)
Applied Catalysis A: General 391 (1-2), 3-10, 0
Thiouracil modified activated carbon as a sorbent for some precious and heavy metal ions
P Vassileva, P Tzvetkova, L Lakov, O Peshev
Journal of Porous Materials 15 (5), 593-599, 2008
Sorption of heavy metals on pyrazolone-containing carbon sorbents
L Lakov, P Vassileva, O Peshev
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Bulgarian natural diatomites: modification and characterization
P Vassileva, M Apostolova, A Detcheva, E Ivanova
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Analytical characterization of a silica gel sorbent with thioetheric sites
G Gentscheva, P Tzvetkova, P Vassileva, L Lakov, O Peshev, E Ivanova
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Synthesis and characterization of sol–gel mesoporous organosilicas functionalized with amine groups
N Velikova, Y Vueva, Y Ivanova, I Salvado, M Fernandes, P Vassileva, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 378, 89-95, 2013
Adsorption of Ag+ ions on hydrolyzed lignocellulosic materials based on willow, paulownia, wheat straw and maize stalks
PS Vassileva, TH Radoykova, AK Detcheva, IA Avramova, KI Aleksieva, ...
International journal of environmental science and technology 13 (5), 1319-1328, 2016
Adsorption of some transition metal ions [Cu (II), Fe (III), Cr (III) and Au (III)] onto lignite-based activated carbons modified by oxidation
PS Vassileva, AK Detcheva
Adsorption Science & Technology 28 (3), 229-242, 2010
Activated carbon sorbent with thioetheric sites—preparation and characterization
G Gentscheva, P Vassileva, P Tzvetkova, L Lakov, O Peshev, E Ivanova
Journal of Porous Materials 15 (3), 331-334, 2008
Removal of toxic ions from aqueous solutions using lignite-coal-based activated carbons modified by oxidation
P Vassileva, A Detcheva
International journal of coal preparation and utilization 31 (5), 242-257, 2011
Synthesis and characterization of inorganic sorbents containing pyrazolone
O Todorova, P Vassileva, L Lakov
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 346 (10), 943-946, 1993
Results from the research of water catholyte with nascent (Atomic) hydrogen
P Vassileva, D Voykova, I Ignatov, G Gluhchev, N Ivanov, D Mehandjiev
Journal of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics 52, 7-11, 2019
Total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis of fly ash from Bulgarian coal-fired power plants
AK Detcheva, SE Mitsiev, PS Vassileva, JH Jordanov, MG Karadjov, ...
Chemical Papers 69 (5), 650-654, 2015
Synthesis, characterization and adsorption properties of nanostructured hybrid materials modified by boron and zirconium
RH Georgieva, PS Vassileva, AK Detcheva, DK Voykova, TI Gerganova, ...
Central European Journal of Chemistry 10 (5), 1484-1494, 2012
Sorption of Co (II), Ni (II), Ag (I) and Au (III) on pyrazolone-containing inorganic sorbents
L Lakov, P Vassileva, E Gocheva
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 351 (6), 583-584, 1995
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