Sally Eaton
Sally Eaton
School of Medicine, University of Southampton
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Krüppel-like transcription factors: a functional family
R Pearson, J Fleetwood, S Eaton, M Crossley, S Bao
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 40 (10), 1996-2001, 2008
Glioma microvesicles carry selectively packaged coding and non-coding RNAs which alter gene expression in recipient cells
CCY Li, SA Eaton, PE Young, M Lee, R Shuttleworth, DT Humphreys, ...
RNA biology 10 (8), 1333-1344, 2013
Targeted Disruption of the Basic Krüppel-Like Factor Gene (Klf3) Reveals a Role in Adipogenesis
N Sue, BHA Jack, SA Eaton, RCM Pearson, APW Funnell, J Turner, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 28 (12), 3967-3978, 2008
Biophysical characterization of the α-globin binding protein α-hemoglobin stabilizing protein
D Gell, Y Kong, SA Eaton, MJ Weiss, JP Mackay
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (43), 40602-40609, 2002
Male-lineage transmission of an acquired metabolic phenotype induced by grand-paternal obesity
JE Cropley, SA Eaton, A Aiken, PE Young, E Giannoulatou, JWK Ho, ...
Molecular metabolism 5 (8), 699-708, 2016
A Network of Krüppel-like Factors (Klfs): Klf8 is repressed by Klf3 and activated by Klf1 in vivo
SA Eaton, APW Funnell, N Sue, H Nicholas, RCM Pearson, M Crossley
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (40), 26937-26947, 2008
Maternal obesity and diabetes induces latent metabolic defects and widespread epigenetic changes in isogenic mice
CCY Li, PE Young, CA Maloney, SA Eaton, MJ Cowley, ME Buckland, ...
Epigenetics 8 (6), 602-611, 2013
Roll over Weismann: extracellular vesicles in the transgenerational transmission of environmental effects
SA Eaton, N Jayasooriah, ME Buckland, DIK Martin, JE Cropley, CM Suter
Epigenomics 7 (7), 1165-1171, 2015
MicroRNAs 296 and 298 are imprinted and part of the GNAS/Gnas cluster and miR-296 targets IKBKE and Tmed9
JE Robson, SA Eaton, P Underhill, D Williams, J Peters
Rna 18 (1), 135-144, 2012
New Mutations at the Imprinted Gnas Cluster Show Gene Dosage Effects of Gsα in Postnatal Growth and Implicate XLαs in Bone and Fat Metabolism but Not in …
SA Eaton, CM Williamson, ST Ball, CV Beechey, L Moir, J Edwards, ...
Molecular and Cellular Biology 32 (5), 1017-1029, 2012
Immunometabolic links between estrogen, adipose tissue and female reproductive metabolism
SA Eaton, JK Sethi
Biology 8 (1), 8, 2019
Nutrition has a pervasive impact on cardiac microRNA expression in isogenic mice
E Wing-Lun, SA Eaton, SSJ Hur, A Aiken, PE Young, ME Buckland, ...
Epigenetics 11 (7), 475-481, 2016
Maternal obesity heritably perturbs offspring metabolism for three generations without serial programming
SA Eaton, AJ Aiken, PE Young, JWK Ho, JE Cropley, CM Suter
International Journal of Obesity 42 (4), 911-914, 2018
Maternal inheritance of the Gnas cluster mutation Ex1A-T affects size, implicating NESP55 in growth
SA Eaton, T Hough, R Fischer-Colbrie, J Peters
Mammalian Genome 24 (7), 276-285, 2013
Antisense Activity across the Nesp Promoter is Required for Nespas-Mediated Silencing in the Imprinted Gnas Cluster
CJ Tibbit, CM Williamson, S Mehta, ST Ball, M Chotalia, WT Nottingham, ...
Non-coding RNA 1 (3), 246-266, 2015
Grand paternal inheritance of an acquired metabolic trait induced by ancestral obesity is associated with sperm RNA
JE Cropley, SA Eaton, A Aiken, PE Young, E Giannoulatou, JWK Ho, ...
bioRxiv, 042101, 2016
Krüppel-like Factor 8: A New Target Gene of Basic Krüppel-like Factor
SA Eaton
University of Sydney, 2007
Nutrition has a pervasive impact on cardiac microRNA expression in isogenic mice
M Buckland, C Li, A Aikena, JE Cropley, SA Eaton, SSJ Hura, CM Suter, ...
Landes Biosciences, 2016
Abstracts of papers presented at the 21st Genetics Society's Mammalian Genetics and Development Workshop held at the Institute of Child Health, University College London on 11 …
Genetics Research 93 (6), 433-440, 2011
A new mutation in the imprinted Gnas cluster gives rise to a hyperactivity phenotype
S Eaton, S Ball, C Tibbit, C Williamson, J Peters
GENETICS RESEARCH 93 (6), 437-437, 2011
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