João Vitor Paulin
João Vitor Paulin
São Paulo State University (UNESP) - School of Science / Department of Physics and Meteorology
Потвърден имейл адрес: unesp.br
Printable and flexible graphene pH sensors utilising thin film melanin for physiological applications
Z Tehrani, SP Whelan, AB Mostert, JV Paulin, MM Ali, ED Ahmadi, ...
2D Materials 7 (2), 024008, 2020
Melanin synthesis under oxygen pressure
ES Bronze‐Uhle, JV Paulin, M Piacenti‐Silva, C Battocchio, MLM Rocco, ...
Polymer International 65 (11), 1339-1346, 2016
Melanin system composition analyzed by XPS depth profiling
JV Paulin, JD McGettrick, CFO Graeff, AB Mostert
Surfaces and Interfaces 24, 101053, 2021
Biocompatibility investigations of synthetic melanin and melanin analogue for application in bioelectronics
M Piacenti‐Silva, AA Matos, JV Paulin, RAS Alavarce, RC de Oliveira, ...
Polymer International 65 (11), 1347-1354, 2016
Identification of common resonant lines in the EPR spectra of melanins
JV Paulin, A Batagin-Neto, CFO Graeff
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (6), 1248-1255, 2019
From nature to organic (bio) electronics: a review on melanin-inspired materials
JV Paulin, CFO Graeff
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9 (41), 14514-14531, 2021
Melanin thin-films: a perspective on optical and electrical properties
JV Paulin, AP Coleone, A Batagin-Neto, G Burwell, P Meredith, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9 (26), 8345-8358, 2021
Shedding light on the free radical nature of sulfonated melanins
JV Paulin, A Batagin-Neto, P Meredith, CFO Graeff, AB Mostert
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124 (46), 10365-10373, 2020
Temperature-enhanced synthesis of DMSO-Melanin
M Piacenti-Silva, ES Bronze-Uhle, JV Paulin, CFO Graeff
Journal of Molecular Structure 1056, 135-140, 2014
Structural and optical properties of soluble melanin analogues with enhanced photoluminescence quantum efficiency
JV Paulin, AG Veiga, Y Garcia‐Basabe, MLM Rocco, CFO Graeff
Polymer International 67 (5), 550-556, 2018
Ultraviolet‐protective thin film based on PVA–melanin/rod‐coated silver nanowires and its application as a transparent capacitor
LGS Albano, JV Paulin, LD Trino, SL Fernandes, CFO Graeff
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 136 (30), 47805, 2019
Solid-state electrochemical energy storage based on soluble melanin
JV Paulin, SL Fernandes, CFO Graeff
Electrochem 2 (2), 264-273, 2021
High-field/high-frequency EPR spectroscopy on synthetic melanin: on the origin of carbon-centered radicals
JV Paulin, A Batagin-Neto, B Naydenov, K Lips, CFO Graeff
Materials Advances 2 (19), 6297-6305, 2021
A strategy towards melanin-based functional material: rGO and sulfonated melanin composites
BA Bregadiolli, JV Paulin, LGS Albano, LM Martins, DHS De Camargo, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9 (47), 16991-17002, 2021
Investigation into the suitability of screen printed graphene-melanin pH sensors for use in bacterial culturing applications
SP Whelan, Z Tehrani, M Peacock, JV Paulin, O Guy, D Gethin
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 904, 115868, 2022
Controlling ions and electrons in aqueous solution: an alternative point of view of the charge-transport behavior of eumelanin-inspired material
JV Paulin, MP Pereira, BA Bregadiolli, JP Cachaneski-Lopes, CFO Graeff, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 11 (18), 6107-6118, 2023
Eumelanin-based multisensory platform: A case of study for photolithographic patterning
JV Paulin, LGS Albano, DHS Camargo, MP Pereira, BA Bregadiolli, ...
Applied Materials Today 28, 101525, 2022
Synthesis of water-soluble melanin
ES Bronze-Uhle, M Piacenti-Silva, JV Paulin, C Battocchio, CFO Graeff
arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.07457, 2015
Exploring the Charge Transport of a Natural Eumelanin for Sustainable Technologies
JV Paulin, S Bayram, CFO Graeff, CCB Bufon
ACS Applied Bio Materials 6 (9), 3633-3637, 2023
Sulfonated melanin derivatives: theoretical evaluation of local reactivities and chemical structures
JPB Cuba, GGB Alves, LA Galindo, JV Paulin, A Batagin-Neto
Journal of Molecular Modeling 27, 1-8, 2021
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