Viktor Žárský
Viktor Žárský
Department of Exp. Plant Biology, Charles University and Lab. of Cell Biology, Inst. of Exp. Botany
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Reactive oxygen species produced by NADPH oxidase are involved in pollen tube growth
M Potocký, MA Jones, R Bezvoda, N Smirnoff, V Žárský
New Phytologist 174 (4), 742-751, 2007
A mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase mediates reactive oxygen species homeostasis in Arabidopsis
H Nakagami, H Soukupová, A Schikora, V Zárský, H Hirt
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (50), 38697-38704, 2006
An Exocyst Complex Functions in Plant Cell Growth in Arabidopsis and Tobacco
M Hála, R Cole, L Synek, E Drdová, T Pečenková, A Nordheim, ...
The Plant Cell 20 (5), 1330-1345, 2008
AtEXO70A1, a member of a family of putative exocyst subunits specifically expanded in land plants, is important for polar growth and plant development
L Synek, N Schlager, M Eliáš, M Quentin, MT Hauser, V Žárský
The Plant Journal 48 (1), 54-72, 2006
The Ubiquitin Ligase PUB22 Targets a Subunit of the Exocyst Complex Required for PAMP-Triggered Responses in Arabidopsis
M Stegmann, RG Anderson, K Ichimura, T Pecenkova, P Reuter, V Žárský, ...
The Plant Cell 24 (11), 4703-4716, 2012
The Arabidopsis Exocyst Complex Is Involved in Cytokinesis and Cell Plate Maturation
M Fendrych, L Synek, T Pečenková, H Toupalová, R Cole, E Drdová, ...
The Plant Cell 22 (9), 3053-3065, 2010
Phosphatidic acid produced by phospholipase D is required for tobacco pollen tube growth
M Potocký, M Eliáš, B Profotová, Z Novotná, O Valentová, V Žárský
Planta 217 (1), 122-130, 2003
Arabidopsis exocyst subcomplex containing subunit EXO70B1 is involved in autophagy‐related transport to the vacuole
I Kulich, T Pečenková, J Sekereš, O Smetana, M Fendrych, I Foissner, ...
Traffic 14 (11), 1155-1165, 2013
Exocytosis and cell polarity in plants–exocyst and recycling domains
V Žárský, F Cvrčková, M Potocký, M Hála
New Phytologist 183 (2), 255-272, 2009
The role for the exocyst complex subunits Exo70B2 and Exo70H1 in the plant–pathogen interaction
T Pečenková, M Hála, I Kulich, D Kocourková, E Drdová, M Fendrych, ...
Journal of experimental botany 62 (6), 2107-2116, 2011
Exocyst complexes multiple functions in plant cells secretory pathways
V Žárský, I Kulich, M Fendrych, T Pečenková
Current opinion in plant biology 16 (6), 726-733, 2013
Evolution of the land plant exocyst complexes
F Cvrčková, M Grunt, R Bezvoda, M Hála, I Kulich, A Rawat, V Žárský
Frontiers in plant science 3, 159, 2012
Arabidopsis exocyst subunits SEC8 and EXO70A1 and exocyst interactor ROH1 are involved in the localized deposition of seed coat pectin
I Kulich, R Cole, E Drdová, F Cvrčková, A Soukup, J Fowler, V Žárský
New Phytologist 188 (2), 615-625, 2010
The exocyst complex contributes to PIN auxin efflux carrier recycling and polar auxin transport in A rabidopsis
EJ Drdova, L Synek, T Pečenková, M Hala, I Kulich, JE Fowler, ...
The Plant Journal 73 (5), 709-719, 2013
Regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics by phospholipase D and phosphatidic acid
R Pleskot, J Li, V Žárský, M Potocký, CJ Staiger
Trends in plant science 18 (9), 496-504, 2013
The plant formin AtFH4 interacts with both actin and microtubules, and contains a newly identified microtubule-binding domain
MJ Deeks, M Fendrych, A Smertenko, KS Bell, K Oparka, F Cvrčková, ...
Journal of cell science 123 (8), 1209-1215, 2010
Molecular diversity of phospholipase D in angiosperms
M Eliáš, M Potocký, F Cvrčková, V Žárský
BMC genomics 3 (1), 1-15, 2002
Plant cytokinesis: terminology for structures and processes
A Smertenko, F Assaad, F Baluška, M Bezanilla, H Buschmann, ...
Trends in cell biology 27 (12), 885-894, 2017
Visualization of the exocyst complex dynamics at the plasma membrane of Arabidopsis thaliana
M Fendrych, L Synek, T Pečenková, EJ Drdová, J Sekereš, R Rycke, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 24 (4), 510-520, 2013
Formin homology 2 domains occur in multiple contexts in angiosperms
F Cvrčková, M Novotný, D Pícková, V Žárský
BMC genomics 5 (1), 1-18, 2004
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