Brandon N Nicolay
Brandon N Nicolay
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Transcriptional control of autophagy–lysosome function drives pancreatic cancer metabolism
RM Perera, S Stoykova, BN Nicolay, KN Ross, J Fitamant, M Boukhali, ...
Nature 524 (7565), 361-365, 2015
Suppression of antitumor T cell immunity by the oncometabolite (R)-2-hydroxyglutarate
L Bunse, S Pusch, T Bunse, F Sahm, K Sanghvi, M Friedrich, D Alansary, ...
Nature medicine 24 (8), 1192-1203, 2018
The metabolic function of cyclin D3–CDK6 kinase in cancer cell survival
H Wang, BN Nicolay, JM Chick, X Gao, Y Geng, H Ren, H Gao, G Yang, ...
Nature 546 (7658), 426-430, 2017
Identification of a small molecule inhibitor of 3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase to target serine biosynthesis in cancers
E Mullarky, NC Lucki, R Beheshti Zavareh, JL Anglin, AP Gomes, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (7), 1778-1783, 2016
LKB1 loss links serine metabolism to DNA methylation and tumorigenesis
F Kottakis, BN Nicolay, A Roumane, R Karnik, H Gu, JM Nagle, ...
Nature 539 (7629), 390-395, 2016
Molecular mechanisms mediating relapse following ivosidenib monotherapy in IDH1-mutant relapsed or refractory AML
S Choe, H Wang, CD DiNardo, EM Stein, S de Botton, GJ Roboz, ...
Blood advances 4 (9), 1894-1905, 2020
E2F1 mediates sustained lipogenesis and contributes to hepatic steatosis
PD Denechaud, IC Lopez-Mejia, A Giralt, Q Lai, E Blanchet, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 126 (1), 137-150, 2016
CDK4/6 and IGF1 receptor inhibitors synergize to suppress the growth of p16INK4A-deficient pancreatic cancers
AM Heilmann, RM Perera, V Ecker, BN Nicolay, N Bardeesy, CH Benes, ...
Cancer research 74 (14), 3947-3958, 2014
Loss of RBF1 changes glutamine catabolism
BN Nicolay, PA Gameiro, K Tschöp, M Korenjak, AM Heilmann, JM Asara, ...
Genes & development 27 (2), 182-196, 2013
Vorasidenib (AG-881): a first-in-class, brain-penetrant dual inhibitor of mutant IDH1 and 2 for treatment of glioma
Z Konteatis, E Artin, B Nicolay, K Straley, AK Padyana, L Jin, Y Chen, ...
ACS medicinal chemistry letters 11 (2), 101-107, 2020
Proteomic analysis of pRb loss highlights a signature of decreased mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation
BN Nicolay, PS Danielian, F Kottakis, JD Lapek, I Sanidas, WO Miles, ...
Genes & development 29 (17), 1875-1889, 2015
Cocaine-mediated enhancement of virus replication in macrophages: Implications for human immunodeficiency virus–associated dementia
NK Dhillon, R Williams, F Peng, Y Tsai, S Dhillon, B Nicolay, M Gadgil, ...
Journal of neurovirology 13 (6), 483-495, 2007
Suppression of genome instability in pRB-deficient cells by enhancement of chromosome cohesion
AL Manning, SA Yazinski, B Nicolay, A Bryll, L Zou, NJ Dyson
Molecular cell 53 (6), 993-1004, 2014
The multiple connections between pRB and cell metabolism
BN Nicolay, NJ Dyson
Current opinion in cell biology 25 (6), 735-740, 2013
Cooperation between dE2F1 and Yki/Sd defines a distinct transcriptional program necessary to bypass cell cycle exit
BN Nicolay, B Bayarmagnai, AB Islam, N Lopez-Bigas, MV Frolov
Genes & development 25 (4), 323-335, 2011
Combined Inactivation of pRB and Hippo Pathways Induces Dedifferentiation in the Drosophila Retina
BN Nicolay, B Bayarmagnai, NS Moon, EV Benevolenskaya, MV Frolov
PLoS genetics 6 (4), e1000918, 2010
Mitochondrial metabolism supports resistance to IDH mutant inhibitors in acute myeloid leukemia
L Stuani, M Sabatier, E Saland, G Cognet, N Poupin, C Bosc, FA Castelli, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 218 (5), 2021
A phase I, open label, perioperative study of AG-120 and AG-881 in recurrent IDH1 mutant, low-grade glioma: Results from cohort 1.
IK Mellinghoff, TF Cloughesy, PY Wen, JW Taylor, EA Maher, I Arrillaga, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 37 (15_suppl), 2003-2003, 2019
Mutant IDH inhibits IFNγ–TET2 signaling to promote immunoevasion and tumor maintenance in cholangiocarcinoma
MJ Wu, L Shi, J Dubrot, J Merritt, V Vijay, TY Wei, E Kessler, KE Olander, ...
Cancer discovery 12 (3), 812-835, 2022
Drosophila GAGA factor is required for full activation of the dE2f1-Yki/Sd transcriptional program
B Bayarmagnai, BN Nicolay, AB Islam, N Lopez-Bigas, MV Frolov
Cell Cycle 11 (22), 4191-4202, 2012
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