Hans M. Smid
Hans M. Smid
Wageningen University, Laboratory of entomology
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Candidate genes for behavioural ecology
MJ Fitzpatrick, Y Ben-Shahar, HM Smid, LEM Vet, GE Robinson, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 20 (2), 96-104, 2005
Antennal sensilla of two parasitoid wasps: a comparative scanning electron microscopy study
MAK Bleeker, HM Smid, AC Van Aelst, JJA Van Loon, LEM Vet
Microscopy research and technique 63 (5), 266-273, 2004
Olfactory Coding in Antennal Neurons of the Malaria Mosquito, Anopheles gambiae
YT Qiu, JJA van Loon, W Takken, J Meijerink, HM Smid
Chemical senses 31 (9), 845-863, 2006
Tissue tropism related to vector competence of Frankliniella occidentalis for tomato spotted wilt tospovirus
T Nagata, AK Inoue-Nagata, HM Smid, R Goldbach, D Peters
Journal of General Virology 80 (2), 507-515, 1999
Natural variation in learning rate and memory dynamics in parasitoid wasps: opportunities for converging ecology and neuroscience
KM Hoedjes, HM Kruidhof, ME Huigens, M Dicke, LEM Vet, HM Smid
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1707), 889-897, 2011
Species-specific acquisition and consolidation of long-term memory in parasitic wasps
HM Smid, G Wang, T Bukovinszky, JLM Steidle, MAK Bleeker, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1617), 1539-1546, 2007
GC-EAG-analysis of volatiles from Brussels sprouts plants damaged by two species of Pieris caterpillars: olfactory receptive range of a specialist and a generalist …
HM Smid, JJA van Loon, MA Posthumus, LEM Vet
Chemoecology 12, 169-176, 2002
Herbivore-induced plant volatiles mediate in-flight host discrimination by parasitoids
NE Fatouros, JJA van Loon, KA Hordijk, HM Smid, M Dicke
Journal of chemical ecology 31, 2033-2047, 2005
Differences in memory dynamics between two closely related parasitoid wasp species
MAK Bleeker, HM Smid, JLM Steidle, HM Kruidhof, JJA Van Loon, ...
Animal Behaviour 71 (6), 1343-1350, 2006
Three-dimensional organization of the glomeruli in the antennal lobe of the parasitoid wasps Cotesia glomerata and C. rubecula
HM Smid, MA Bleeker, JJ van Loon, LE Vet
Cell and tissue research 312, 237-248, 2003
Hitch-hiking parasitic wasp learns to exploit butterfly antiaphrodisiac
ME Huigens, FG Pashalidou, MH Qian, T Bukovinszky, HM Smid, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (3), 820-825, 2009
Central projections of olfactory receptor neurons from single antennal and palpal sensilla in mosquitoes
S Anton, JJA van Loon, J Meijerink, HM Smid, W Takken, JP Rospars
Arthropod Structure & Development 32 (4), 319-327, 2003
Variation in the specificity of plant volatiles and their use by a specialist and a generalist parasitoid
R Gols, C Veenemans, RPJ Potting, HM Smid, M Dicke, JA Harvey, ...
Animal Behaviour 83 (5), 1231-1242, 2012
Chemical espionage on species-specific butterfly anti-aphrodisiacs by hitchhiking Trichogramma wasps
ME Huigens, JB Woelke, FG Pashalidou, T Bukovinszky, HM Smid, ...
Behavioral Ecology 21 (3), 470-478, 2010
The complexity of learning, memory and neural processes in an evolutionary ecological context
HM Smid, LEM Vet
Current Opinion in Insect Science 15, 61-69, 2016
Reward value determines memory consolidation in parasitic wasps
HM Kruidhof, FG Pashalidou, NE Fatouros, IA Figueroa, LEM Vet, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (8), e39615, 2012
Structure and electrophysiological responses of gustatory organs on the ovipositor of the parasitoid Leptopilina heterotoma
JC van Lenteren, S Ruschioni, R Romani, JJA van Loon, YT Qiu, ...
Arthropod Structure & Development 36 (3), 271-276, 2007
Breaking Haller's rule: brain-body size isometry in a minute parasitic wasp
E Van Der Woude, HM Smid, L Chittka, ME Huigens
Brain Behavior and Evolution 81 (2), 86-92, 2013
Volatile organic compounds as a diagnostic marker of late blight infected potato plants: A pilot study
J Laothawornkitkul, RMC Jansen, HM Smid, HJ Bouwmeester, J Muller, ...
Crop protection 29 (8), 872-878, 2010
Chromosomal scale assembly of parasitic wasp genome reveals symbiotic virus colonization
J Gauthier, H Boulain, JJFA van Vugt, L Baudry, E Persyn, JM Aury, ...
Communications biology 4 (1), 104, 2021
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