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Marcel van den Berg
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Resilience of alternative stable states during the recovery of shallow lakes from eutrophication: Lake Veluwe as a case study
BW Ibelings, R Portielje, EHRR Lammens, R Noordhuis, ...
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Oxidative stress induced by copper: defense and damage in the marine planktonic diatom Ditylum brightwellii, grown in continuous cultures with high and low zinc …
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EH van Nes, M Scheffer, MS van den Berg, H Coops
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S Poikane, S Birk, J Böhmer, L Carvalho, C De Hoyos, H Gassner, ...
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MS Van Den Berg, H Coops, J Simons, A de Keizer
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S Poikāne, MH Alves, C Argillier, M Van den Berg, F Buzzi, E Hoehn, ...
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L Carvalho, A Solimini, G Phillips, M Van Den Berg, OP Pietiläinen, ...
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WH Van der Putten, BAM Peters, MS Van den Berg
The New Phytologist 135 (3), 527-537, 1997
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