Joseph P. Gallagher
Joseph P. Gallagher
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Потвърден имейл адрес: umass.edu
Extensive chromosomal variation in a recently formed natural allopolyploid species, Tragopogon miscellus (Asteraceae)
M Chester, JP Gallagher, VV Symonds, AV Cruz da Silva, EV Mavrodiev, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (4), 1176-1181, 2012
Homoeolog expression bias and expression level dominance in allopolyploids
CE Grover, JP Gallagher, EP Szadkowski, MJ Yoo, LE Flagel, JF Wendel
New Phytologist 196 (4), 966-971, 2012
Enhancing grain-yield-related traits by CRISPR–Cas9 promoter editing of maize CLE genes
L Liu, J Gallagher, ED Arevalo, R Chen, T Skopelitis, Q Wu, M Bartlett, ...
Nature Plants 7 (3), 287-294, 2021
Molecular confirmation of species status for the allopolyploid cotton species, Gossypium ekmanianum Wittmack
CE Grover, X Zhu, KK Grupp, JJ Jareczek, JP Gallagher, E Szadkowski, ...
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 62 (1), 103-114, 2015
Re-evaluating the phylogeny of allopolyploid Gossypium L.
CE Grover, JP Gallagher, JJ Jareczek, JT Page, JA Udall, MA Gore, ...
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 92, 45-52, 2015
Persistence of subgenomes in paleopolyploid cotton after 60 my of evolution
S Renny-Byfield, L Gong, JP Gallagher, JF Wendel
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (4), 1063-1071, 2015
A new species of cotton from Wake Atoll, Gossypium stephensii (Malvaceae)
JP Gallagher, CE Grover, K Rex, M Moran, JF Wendel
Systematic Botany 42 (1), 115-123, 2017
Ancient Gene Duplicates in Gossypium (Cotton) Exhibit Near-Complete Expression Divergence
S Renny-Byfield, JP Gallagher, CE Grover, E Szadkowski, JT Page, ...
Genome biology and evolution 6 (3), 559-571, 2014
The CLAVATA receptor FASCIATED EAR2 responds to distinct CLE peptides by signaling through two downstream effectors
BI Je, F Xu, Q Wu, L Liu, R Meeley, JP Gallagher, L Corcilius, RJ Payne, ...
Elife 7, 2018
Of puzzles and pavements: a quantitative exploration of leaf epidermal cell shape
RV Vőfély, J Gallagher, GD Pisano, M Bartlett, SA Braybrook
New Phytologist 221 (1), 540-552, 2019
The Early Stages of Polyploidy: Rapid and Repeated Evolution in Tragopogon
DE Soltis, RJA Buggs, WB Barbazuk, S Chamala, M Chester, ...
Polyploidy and genome evolution, 271-292, 2012
A transcriptome profile for developing seed of polyploid cotton
R Hovav, A Faigenboim‐Doron, N Kadmon, G Hu, X Zhang, JP Gallagher, ...
The Plant Genome 8 (1), plantgenome2014.08.0041, 2015
Insights into the ecology and evolution of polyploid plants through network analysis
JP Gallagher, CE Grover, G Hu, JF Wendel
Molecular ecology 25 (11), 2644-2660, 2016
An assessment of karyotype restructuring in the neoallotetraploid Tragopogon miscellus (Asteraceae)
M Chester, MJ Lipman, JP Gallagher, PS Soltis, DE Soltis
Chromosome research 21 (1), 75-85, 2013
Structural evolution drives diversification of the large LRR‐RLK gene family
J Man, JP Gallagher, M Bartlett
new phytologist 226 (5), 1492-1505, 2020
Reticulate Evolution Helps Explain Apparent Homoplasy in Floral Biology and Pollination in Baobabs (Adansonia; Bombacoideae; Malvaceae)
N Karimi, CE Grover, JP Gallagher, JF Wendel, C Ané, DA Baum
Systematic Biology 69 (3), 462-478, 2020
Conservation and Divergence in Duplicated Fiber Coexpression Networks Accompanying Domestication of the Polyploid Gossypium hirsutum L
JP Gallagher, CE Grover, G Hu, JJ Jareczek, JF Wendel
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 10 (8), 2879-2892, 2020
Candidate gene identification of flowering time genes in cotton
CE Grover, JP Gallagher, JF Wendel
The Plant Genome 8 (2), plantgenome2014.12.0098, 2015
CenH3 evolution in diploids and polyploids of three angiosperm genera
RE Masonbrink, JP Gallagher, JJ Jareczek, S Renny-Byfield, CE Grover, ...
BMC plant biology 14 (1), 1-11, 2014
Recruitment of an ancient branching program to suppress carpel development in maize flowers
H Klein, J Gallagher, E Demesa-Arevalo, MJ Abraham-Juárez, M Heeney, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (2), e2115871119, 2022
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