Mohamed Ali Ayadi
Mohamed Ali Ayadi
Professor Food Engineering University of Sfax,
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Cladodes from Opuntia ficus indica as a source of dietary fiber: Effect on dough characteristics and cake making
MA Ayadi, W Abdelmaksoud, M Ennouri, H Attia
Industrial Crops and Products 30 (1), 40-47, 2009
Influence of carrageenan addition on turkey meat sausages properties
MA Ayadi, A Kechaou, I Makni, H Attia
Journal of Food Engineering 93 (3), 278-283, 2009
Physico-chemical change and heat stability of extra virgin olive oils flavoured by selected Tunisian aromatic plants
MA Ayadi, N Grati-Kamoun, H Attia
Food and Chemical Toxicology 47 (10), 2613-2619, 2009
Effect of Spirulina platensis fortification on physicochemical, textural, antioxidant and sensory properties of yogurt during fermentation and storage
M Barkallah, M Dammak, I Louati, F Hentati, B Hadrich, T Mechichi, ...
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Characterization of pectins extracted from pomegranate peel and their gelling properties
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Chemical composition, angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of essential oil of Tunisian Thymus algeriensis Boiss. et Reut …
N Zouari, N Fakhfakh, S Zouari, A Bougatef, A Karray, M Neffati, MA Ayadi
Food and bioproducts processing 89 (4), 257-265, 2011
Chemical composition and biological activities of a new essential oil chemotype of Tunisian Artemisia herba alba Asso
S Zouari, N Zouari, N Fakhfakh, A Bougatef, MA Ayadi, M Neffati
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Antioxidant properties and phenolic profile characterization by LC–MS/MS of selected Tunisian pomegranate peels
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Effect of moderate spray drying conditions on functionality of dried egg white and whole egg
MA Ayadi, M Khemakhem, H Belgith, H Attia
Journal of Food Science 73 (6), E281-E287, 2008
Characterization and potential use of cuttlefish skin gelatin hydrolysates prepared by different microbial proteases
M Jridi, I Lassoued, R Nasri, MA Ayadi, M Nasri, N Souissi
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β-Chitin and chitosan from squid gladius: Biological activities of chitosan and its application as clarifying agent for apple juice
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Structural, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of polysaccharides extracted from olive leaves
I Khemakhem, O Abdelhedi, I Trigui, MA Ayadi, M Bouaziz
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Kinetic improvement of olive leaves’ bioactive compounds extraction by using power ultrasound in a wide temperature range
I Khemakhem, MH Ahmad-Qasem, EB Catalán, V Micol, JV García-Pérez, ...
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 34, 466-473, 2017
Effect of zeolite (clinoptilolite) as feed additive in Tunisian broilers on the total flora, meat texture and the production of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid
Z Mallek, I Fendri, L Khannous, AB Hassena, AI Traore, MA Ayadi, ...
Lipids in health and disease 11 (1), 1-7, 2012
Proteomic profiling of camel and cow milk proteins under heat treatment
I Felfoul, J Jardin, F Gaucheron, H Attia, MA Ayadi
Food chemistry 216, 161-169, 2017
Traditional Tunisian butter: Physicochemical and microbial characteristics and storage stability of the oil fraction
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Continuous ohmic heating unit under whey protein fouling
MA Ayadi, JC Leuliet, F Chopard, M Berthou, M Lebouche
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 5 (4), 465-473, 2004
Blue-green algae (Arthrospira platensis) as an ingredient in pasta: free radical scavenging activity, sensory and cooking characteristics evaluation
N Zouari, M Abid, N Fakhfakh, MA Ayadi, L Zorgui, M Ayadi, H Attia
International journal of food sciences and nutrition 62 (8), 811-813, 2011
Effect of substituted gelling agents from pomegranate peel on colour, textural and sensory properties of pomegranate jam
M Abid, H Yaich, H Hidouri, H Attia, MA Ayadi
Food chemistry 239, 1047-1054, 2018
Characteristics and functional properties of gelatin extracted from squid (Loligo vulgaris) skin
BE Abdelmalek, J Gómez-Estaca, A Sila, O Martinez-Alvarez, ...
LWT-Food Science and Technology 65, 924-931, 2016
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