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Joint estimation of channel and oscillator phase noise in MIMO systems
H Mehrpouyan, AA Nasir, SD Blostein, T Eriksson, GK Karagiannidis, ...
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 60 (9), 4790-4807, 2012
A machine learning approach for power allocation in HetNets considering QoS
R Amiri, H Mehrpouyan, L Fridman, RK Mallik, A Nallanathan, D Matolak
2018 IEEE international conference on communications (ICC), 1-7, 2018
Detection, localization, and tracking of unauthorized UAS and jammers
I Güvenç, O Ozdemir, Y Yapici, H Mehrpouyan, D Matolak
2017 IEEE/AIAA 36th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), 1-10, 2017
Timing and carrier synchronization in wireless communication systems: a survey and classification of research in the last 5 years
AA Nasir, S Durrani, H Mehrpouyan, SD Blostein, RA Kennedy
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2016, 1-38, 2016
Timing and carrier synchronization with channel estimation in multi-relay cooperative networks
AA Nasir, H Mehrpouyan, SD Blostein, S Durrani, RA Kennedy
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 60 (2), 793-811, 2011
Channel, phase noise, and frequency offset in OFDM systems: Joint estimation, data detection, and hybrid cramer-rao lower bound
OH Salim, AA Nasir, H Mehrpouyan, W Xiang, S Durrani, RA Kennedy
IEEE Transactions on Communications 62 (9), 3311-3325, 2014
Energy harvesting wireless sensor networks: Delay analysis considering energy costs of sensing and transmission
W Liu, X Zhou, S Durrani, H Mehrpouyan, SD Blostein
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 15 (7), 4635-4650, 2016
Bounds and algorithms for multiple frequency offset estimation in cooperative networks
H Mehrpouyan, SD Blostein
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 10 (4), 1300-1311, 2011
Hybrid millimeter-wave systems: A novel paradigm for HetNets
H Mehrpouyan, M Matthaiou, R Wang, GK Karagiannidis, Y Hua
IEEE Communications Magazine 53 (1), 216-221, 2015
Improving bandwidth efficiency in E-band communication systems
H Mehrpouyan, MR Khanzadi, M Matthaiou, AM Sayeed, R Schober, ...
IEEE Communications Magazine 52 (3), 121-128, 2014
Reinforcement learning for self organization and power control of two-tier heterogeneous networks
R Amiri, MA Almasi, JG Andrews, H Mehrpouyan
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 18 (8), 3933-3947, 2019
A multiband OFDMA heterogeneous network for millimeter wave 5G wireless applications
S Niknam, AA Nasir, H Mehrpouyan, B Natarajan
Ieee Access 4, 5640-5648, 2016
Beamforming for simultaneous wireless information and power transfer in two-way relay channels
W Wang, R Wang, H Mehrpouyan, N Zhao, G Zhang
IEEE Access 5, 9235-9250, 2017
Joint pilot allocation and robust transmission design for ultra-dense user-centric TDD C-RAN with imperfect CSI
C Pan, H Mehrpouyan, Y Liu, M Elkashlan, N Arumugam
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 17 (3), 2038-2053, 2018
Wireless computer monitoring device with automatic arming and disarming
M Brown, H Mehrpouyan, C Mitchell
US Patent 7,190,264, 2007
Phase noise in MIMO systems: Bayesian Cramér–Rao bounds and soft-input estimation
AA Nasir, H Mehrpouyan, R Schober, Y Hua
IEEE transactions on signal processing 61 (10), 2675-2692, 2013
Channel estimation, carrier recovery, and data detection in the presence of phase noise in OFDM relay systems
R Wang, H Mehrpouyan, M Tao, Y Hua
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 15 (2), 1186-1205, 2015
ARMA synthesis of fading channels
H Mehrpouyan, SD Blostein
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 7 (8), 2846-2850, 2008
Apparatus and methods for protecting valuables
C Mitchell, M Brown, H Mehrpouyan
US Patent App. 10/763,172, 2004
Transceiver design for distributed STBC based AF cooperative networks in the presence of timing and frequency offsets
AA Nasir, H Mehrpouyan, S Durrani, SD Blostein, RA Kennedy, ...
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 61 (12), 3143-3158, 2013
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