Obianwu, V. I. M.
Obianwu, V. I. M.
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Estimation of groundwater reserve in unconfined frequently exploited depth of aquifer using a combined surficial geophysical and laboratory techniques in the Niger Delta, South …
NJ George, VI Obianwu, IB Obot
Advances in applied science research 2 (1), 163-177, 2011
Estimation of aquifer hydraulic conductivity and effective porosity distributions using laboratory measurements on core samples in the Niger Delta, Southern Nigeria
V Obianwu, N George, K Udofia
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Assessment of shallow aquiferous units and their coefficients of anisotropy in the coastal plain sands of Southern Ukanafun local government area, Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria
NJ George, VI Obianwu, AE Akpan, IB Obot
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Lubricating and cooling capacities of different SAE 20W–50 engine oil samples using specific heat capacity and cooling rate
NJ George, VI Obianwu, AE Akpan, IB Obot
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Comparison of thermal insulation efficiency of some select materials used as ceiling in building design
NJ George, VI Obianwu, GT Akpabio, IB Obot
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Evaluating compaction quality using elastic seismic P wave
AO Ilori, EE Okwueze, VI Obianwu
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Magnetic anomaly patterns, fault block tectonism and hydrocarbon related structural features in the Niger Delta basin
AA Okiwelu, VI Obianwu, O Eze, IA Ude
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Preliminary Geophysical Deduction of Lithological and Hydrological Conditions of the North-Eastern Sector of Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria
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Determination of aquifer position using electric geophysical method
VI Obianwu, OE Atan, AA Okiwelu
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Geoelectrical investigation of external corrosion of earth buried pipeline in the coastal area of Gulf Of Guinea
AA Okiwelu, UF Evans, V Obianwu
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Haematological and immunological response of Achyranthes aspera leaf and root extracts in arsenic-intoxicated female mice (Mus musculus)
V Sharma, R Singh
Current Science, 708-713, 2016
Estimation of Distribution of Aquifer Hydraulic Parameters in the Southern Part of Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria Using Surfacial Geophysical Measurements
N George, V Obianwu, K Udofia
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Integrated geophysical studies over parts of Central Cross River State for the determination of groundwater potential and foundation properties of rocks
VI Obianwu, AO Egor, AA Okiwelu, ED Ebong
Journal of Applied Geology and Geophysics 3, 49-64, 2015
Seismic Early Warning Foundation Conditions Evaluation Survey for Civil Engineering Constructions in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria
VI Obianwu, JT Udoh, AM George, NJ George
British Journal of Applied Science & Technology 6 (6), 583, 2015
Laboratory estimation of aquifer effective porosities from core samples obtained during borehole drilling in parts of The Niger Delta Region, South-South, Nigeria
NJ George, VI Obianwu, IB Obot
Adv Appl Sci Res Pelagia Res Libr 2 (1), 153-162, 2011
Seismic Investigation of Highway Pavement Failures in Parts of Southeastern Nigeria
AO Ilori, VI Obianwu, EE Okwueze
Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics 19 (2), 113-134, 2014
Estimation of Aquifer Secondary Hydraulic Parameter Distributions from Surficial Geophysical Measurements of Primary Parameters: a Case Study of Ngor-Okpala Area of Imo State …
VI Obianwu, IC Chimezie, AE Akpan, NJ George
Applied Physics Research 3 (2), 67, 2011
Novel methodology for the geophysical interpretation of magnetic anomalies due to simple geometrical bodies using social spider optimization (SSO) algorithm
UC Ben, AE Akpan, JG Urang, EI Akaerue, VI Obianwu
Heliyon 8 (3), e09027, 2022
Surficial geophysical deduction of the geomaterial and aquifer distributions at Ngor-Okpala local government area of Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria
OI Victor, CC Innocent, AE Anthony, GN Jimmy
Central European Journal of Geosciences 3 (4), 368-374, 2011
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