Andre Zeumault
Andre Zeumault
Device Engineer at Amorphyx
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Mobility Enhancement in Solution‐Processed Transparent Conductive Oxide TFTs due to Electron Donation from Traps in High‐k Gate Dielectrics
A Zeumault, V Subramanian
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (6), 955-963, 2016
Low‐temperature‐processed printed metal oxide transistors based on pure aqueous inks
WJ Scheideler, R Kumar, AR Zeumault, V Subramanian
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (14), 1606062, 2017
Gravure-printed sol–gels on flexible glass: A scalable route to additively patterned transparent conductors
WJ Scheideler, J Jang, MAU Karim, R Kitsomboonloha, A Zeumault, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (23), 12679-12687, 2015
Fully inkjet‐printed metal‐oxide thin‐film transistors on plastic
A Zeumault, S Ma, J Holbery
physica status solidi (a) 213 (8), 2189-2195, 2016
TCAD Modeling of Resistive-Switching of HfO2 Memristors: Efficient Device-Circuit Co-Design for Neuromorphic Systems
A Zeumault, S Alam, Z Wood, RJ Weiss, A Aziz, GS Rose
Frontiers in Nanotechnology 3, 734121, 2021
Improved technique for quantifying the bias-dependent mobility of metal-oxide thin-film transistors
A Zeumault, V Subramanian
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (3), 855-861, 2015
Electrostatic Tuning of Spray‐Deposited ZnO for Controlled Mobility Enhancement
A Zeumault, W Scheideler, V Subramanian
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (30), 1701021, 2017
Memristor compact model with oxygen vacancy concentrations as state variables
A Zeumault, S Alam, M Omar Faruk, A Aziz
Journal of Applied Physics 131 (12), 2022
Patterning of Solution‐Processed, Indium‐Free Oxide TFTs by Selective Spray Pyrolysis
A Zeumault, W Scheideler, G Grau, J Smith, V Subramanian
Advanced Electronic Materials 2 (2), 1500326, 2016
Use of high‐k encapsulation to improve mobility in trap‐limited metal‐oxide semiconductors
A Zeumault, V Subramanian
physica status solidi (b) 254 (10), 1700124, 2017
A generalized workflow for creating machine learning-powered compact models for multi-state devices
J Hutchins, S Alam, A Zeumault, K Beckmann, N Cady, GS Rose, A Aziz
IEEE Access 10, 115513-115519, 2022
Anomalous process temperature scaling behavior of sol-gel ZrOxgate dielectrics: Mobility enhancement in ZnO TFTs
A Zeumault, V Subramanian
2015 73rd Annual Device Research Conference (DRC), 203-204, 2015
Engineering high-k LaxZr1−xOydielectrics for high-performance fully-solution-processed transparent transistors
WJ Scheideler, A Zeumault, V Subramanian
2015 73rd Annual Device Research Conference (DRC), 205-206, 2015
Probing the kinetics of crystallite growth in Sol–Gel derived metal-oxides using nanocalorimetry
A Zeumault, SK Volkman
Crystal Growth & Design 20 (3), 1590-1597, 2020
Understanding the Enhanced Mobility of Solution-Processed Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors Having High-k Gate Dielectrics
A Zeumault
University of California, Berkeley, 2017
Interpretation of subthreshold swing and threshold voltage in solution-processed zinc oxide TFTs
A Zeumault, V Subramanian
2015 73rd Annual Device Research Conference (DRC), 179-180, 2015
Innovations in thin‐film electronics for the new generation of displays
A Zeumault, JE Mendez, J Brewer
Journal of the Society for Information Display 32 (4), 121-135, 2024
30.2: Invited Paper: Universal Description of FET Mobility of TFTs in Terms of Debye Length, Accumulation Layer Thickness and Film Thickness
A Zeumault
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 54, 200-205, 2023
Publisher’s Note:“Glass formation in amorphous ZnO films revealed by chip calorimetry”[J. Appl. Phys 127, 115105 (2020)]
A Zeumault
Journal of Applied Physics 128 (14), 2020
Glass formation in amorphous ZnO films revealed by chip calorimetry
A Zeumault
Journal of Applied Physics 127 (11), 2020
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