Steve Travers
Steve Travers
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Climate change effects on plant disease: genomes to ecosystems
KA Garrett, SP Dendy, EE Frank, MN Rouse, SE Travers
Palo Alto, Ca.: Annual Reviews, 2006
Warming experiments underpredict plant phenological responses to climate change
EM Wolkovich, BI Cook, JM Allen, TM Crimmins, JL Betancourt, ...
Nature 485 (7399), 494-497, 2012
Phenological tracking enables positive species responses to climate change
EE Cleland, JM Allen, TM Crimmins, JA Dunne, S Pau, SE Travers, ...
Ecology 93 (8), 1765-1771, 2012
Global shifts in the phenological synchrony of species interactions over recent decades
HM Kharouba, J Ehrlén, A Gelman, K Bolmgren, JM Allen, SE Travers, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (20), 5211-5216, 2018
Mate density, predation risk, and the seasonal sequence of mate choices: a dynamic game
PH Crowley, SE Travers, MC Linton, SL Cohn, A Sih, RC Sargent
The American Naturalist 137 (4), 567-596, 1991
An experimental study on the effects of predation risk and feeding regime on the mating behavior of the water strider
A Sih, J Krupa, S Travers
The American Naturalist 135 (2), 284-290, 1990
Phylogenetic conservatism in plant phenology
TJ Davies, EM Wolkovich, NJB Kraft, N Salamin, JM Allen, TR Ault, ...
Journal of ecology 101 (6), 1520-1530, 2013
Temperature‐dependent shifts in phenology contribute to the success of exotic species with climate change
EM Wolkovich, TJ Davies, H Schaefer, EE Cleland, BI Cook, SE Travers, ...
American Journal of Botany 100 (7), 1407-1421, 2013
Pollen performance before and during the autotrophic–heterotrophic transition of pollen tube growth
AG Stephenson, SE Travers, JI Mena-Ali, JA Winsor
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B …, 2003
Sensitivity of spring phenology to warming across temporal and spatial climate gradients in two independent databases
BI Cook, EM Wolkovich, TJ Davies, TR Ault, JL Betancourt, JM Allen, ...
Ecosystems 15 (8), 1283-1294, 2012
The establishment of genetically engineered canola populations in the US
MG Schafer, AA Ross, JP Londo, CA Burdick, EH Lee, SE Travers, ...
PLoS One 6 (10), e25736, 2011
Relatedness of Macrophomina phaseolina isolates from tallgrass prairie, maize, soybean and sorghum
AA Saleh, HU Ahmed, TC Todd, SE Travers, KA Zeller, JF Leslie, ...
Molecular ecology 19 (1), 79-91, 2010
Interrelationships among inbreeding, herbivory, and disease on reproduction in a wild gourd
AG Stephenson, B Leyshon, SE Travers, CN Hayes, JA Winsor
Ecology 85 (11), 3023-3034, 2004
Shifts in the flowering phenology of the northern Great Plains: patterns over 100 years
KL Dunnell, SE Travers
American Journal of Botany 98 (6), 935-945, 2011
Flowering date of taxonomic families predicts phenological sensitivity to temperature: implications for forecasting the effects of climate change on unstudied taxa
SJ Mazer, SE Travers, BI Cook, TJ Davies, K Bolmgren, NJB Kraft, ...
American Journal of Botany 100 (7), 1381-1397, 2013
Ecological genomics: making the leap from model systems in the lab to native populations in the field
SE Travers, MD Smith, J Bai, SH Hulbert, JE Leach, PS Schnable, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 5 (1), 19-24, 2007
The influence of starvation and predators on the mating behavior of a semiaquatic insect
SE Travers, A Sih
Ecology 72 (6), 2123-2136, 1991
Plasticity in the self‐incompatibility system of Solanum carolinense
SE Travers, J MENA‐ALI, AG Stephenson
Plant Species Biology 19 (3), 127-135, 2004
Differential use of experimental habitat patches by foraging Peromyscus maniculatus on dark and bright nights
SE Travers, DW Kaufman, GA Kaufman
Journal of Mammalogy 69 (4), 869-872, 1988
Genetic variation of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum from multiple crops in the north central United States
L Aldrich-Wolfe, S Travers, B Nelson
Plos One, 2015
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