Alexander Banks
Alexander Banks
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School
Потвърден имейл адрес: bidmc.harvard.edu
STAT3 signalling is required for leptin regulation of energy balance but not reproduction
SH Bates, WH Stearns, TA Dundon, M Schubert, AWK Tso, Y Wang, ...
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Activation of downstream signals by the long form of the leptin receptor
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Anti-diabetic drugs inhibit obesity-linked phosphorylation of PPARγ by Cdk5
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Nature 466 (7305), 451-456, 2010
Ablation of PRDM16 and beige adipose causes metabolic dysfunction and a subcutaneous to visceral fat switch
P Cohen, JD Levy, Y Zhang, A Frontini, DP Kolodin, KJ Svensson, JC Lo, ...
Cell 156 (1), 304-316, 2014
SirT1 gain of function increases energy efficiency and prevents diabetes in mice
AS Banks, N Kon, C Knight, M Matsumoto, R Gutiérrez-Juárez, L Rossetti, ...
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Sirtuin 1 and sirtuin 3: physiological modulators of metabolism
R Nogueiras, KM Habegger, N Chaudhary, B Finan, AS Banks, ...
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Antidiabetic actions of a non-agonist PPARγ ligand blocking Cdk5-mediated phosphorylation
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Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase knockdown protects against diet-induced obesity
D Kraus, Q Yang, D Kong, AS Banks, L Zhang, JT Rodgers, E Pirinen, ...
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Accumulation of succinate controls activation of adipose tissue thermogenesis
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Adipsin is an adipokine that improves β cell function in diabetes
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The cAMP/PKA pathway rapidly activates SIRT1 to promote fatty acid oxidation independently of changes in NAD+
Z Gerhart-Hines, JE Dominy, SM Blättler, MP Jedrychowski, AS Banks, ...
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TRPV4 is a regulator of adipose oxidative metabolism, inflammation, and energy homeostasis
L Ye, S Kleiner, J Wu, R Sah, RK Gupta, AS Banks, P Cohen, ...
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SirT1 regulates adipose tissue inflammation
MP Gillum, ME Kotas, DM Erion, R Kursawe, P Chatterjee, KT Nead, ...
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Regulation of Jak kinases by intracellular leptin receptor sequences
C Kloek, AK Haq, SL Dunn, HJ Lavery, AS Banks, MG Myers
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (44), 41547-41555, 2002
An ERK/Cdk5 axis controls the diabetogenic actions of PPARγ
AS Banks, FE McAllister, JPG Camporez, PJH Zushin, MJ Jurczak, ...
Nature 517 (7534), 391-395, 2015
γδ T cells producing interleukin-17A regulate adipose regulatory T cell homeostasis and thermogenesis
AC Kohlgruber, ST Gal-Oz, NM LaMarche, M Shimazaki, D Duquette, ...
Nature immunology 19 (5), 464-474, 2018
CalR: a web-based analysis tool for indirect calorimetry experiments
AI Mina, RA LeClair, KB LeClair, DE Cohen, L Lantier, AS Banks
Cell metabolism 28 (4), 656-666. e1, 2018
IRF4 is a key thermogenic transcriptional partner of PGC-1α
X Kong, A Banks, T Liu, L Kazak, RR Rao, P Cohen, X Wang, S Yu, JC Lo, ...
Cell 158 (1), 69-83, 2014
Genetic depletion of adipocyte creatine metabolism inhibits diet-induced thermogenesis and drives obesity
L Kazak, ET Chouchani, GZ Lu, MP Jedrychowski, CJ Bare, AI Mina, ...
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A selective gut bacterial bile salt hydrolase alters host metabolism
L Yao, SC Seaton, S Ndousse-Fetter, AA Adhikari, N DiBenedetto, ...
Elife 7, e37182, 2018
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