Akpan Ndem Ikot
Akpan Ndem Ikot
Associate Professor r,Department of Physics,University of Port Harcourt,Nigeria
Потвърден имейл адрес: uniport.edu.ng
Approximate solution of the Schrödinger equation with Rosen-Morse potential including the centrifugal term
AN Ikot, LE Akpabio
Applied Physics Research 2 (2), 202, 2010
Bound state solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation with the Hulthen potential
AN Ikot, LE Akpabio, EJ Uwah
EJTP 8 (25), 225, 2011
Klein-Gordon equation particles in exponential-type molecule potentials and their thermodynamic properties in D dimensions
AN Ikot, BC Lutfuoglu, MI Ngwueke, ME Udoh, S Zare, H Hassanabadi
The European Physical Journal Plus 131 (12), 1-17, 2016
Thermodynamics properties of diatomic molecules with general molecular potential
AN Ikot, EO Chukwuocha, MC Onyeaju, CA Onate, BI Ita, ME Udoh
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Solutions of Dirac equation for generalized hyperbolical potential including Coulomb-like tensor potential with spin symmetry
AN Ikot
Few-Body Systems 53 (3-4), 549-555, 2012
Analytical Solutions of Schrödinger Equation with Two-Dimensional Harmonic Potential in Cartesian and Polar Coordinates Via Nikiforov-Uvarov Method
AN Ikot, AD Antia, LE Akpabio, JA Obu
Journal of Vectorial Relativity 6 (2), 65-76, 2011
Approximate solutions of Klein—Gordon equation with improved Manning—Rosen potential in D-dimensions using SUSYQM
AN Ikot, H Hassanabadi, HP Obong, YEC Umoren, CN Isonguyo, ...
Chinese Physics B 23 (12), 120303, 2014
Solutions to the Klein—Gordon Equation with Equal Scalar and Vector Modified Hylleraas Plus Exponential Rosen Morse Potentials
AN Ikot
Chinese Physics Letters 29 (6), 060307, 2012
Exact solutions of the Schrodinger equation with Manning-Rosen potential plus a ring-shaped like potential by Nikiforov-Uvarov method
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Approximate arbitrary-state solutions of Dirac equation for modified deformed Hylleraas and Modified Eckart potentials by the NU method
H Hassanabadi, E Maghsoodi, AN Ikot, S Zarrinkamar
Applied Mathematics and Computation 219 (17), 9388-9398, 2013
A study of superficial sediments and aquifers in parts of Uyo local government area, Akwa Ibom State, Southern Nigeria, using electrical sounding method
UF Evans, NJ George, AE Akpan, IB Obot, AN Ikot
E-journal of chemistry 7, 2010
Bound state solutions of d-dimensional Schrödinger equation with Eckart potential plus modified deformed Hylleraas potential
AN Ikot, OA Awoga, AD Antia
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Thermodynamic properties of the modified Yukawa potential
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Exact solution of Schrodinger equation with five-parameter exponent-type potential
AN Ikot, LE Akpabio, JA Obu
J. Vect. Relat 6 (1), 2011
Bound state solutions of Schrödinger equation with modified Mobius square potential (MMSP) and its thermodynamic properties
US Okorie, AN Ikot, MC Onyeaju, EO Chukwuocha
Journal of molecular modeling 24 (10), 289, 2018
Bound State Solutions of the Schrödinger Equation for a More General Woods—Saxon Potential with Arbitrary l-State
AN Ikot, IO Akpan
Chinese Physics Letters 29 (9), 090302, 2012
Exact solution of Schrödinger equation with inverted woods-saxon and Manning-Rosen potentials
AN Ikot, LE Akpabio, EB Umoren
Journal of Scientific Research 3 (1), 25-25, 2011
A study of thermodynamic properties of quadratic exponential-type potential in D-dimensions
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Analytical solutions of the Klein–Gordon equation with a combined potential
CA Onate, MC Onyeaju, AN Ikot, JO Ojonubah
Chinese Journal of Physics 54 (5), 820-829, 2016
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