Gabriele De Luca
Gabriele De Luca
Други имена(ORCID: 0000-0003-3757-3761)
Ramón y Cajal researcher, ICMAB-CSIC (RoR: 03hasqf61)
Потвърден имейл адрес: icmab.es - Начална страница
Low-threshold amplified spontaneous emission and lasing from colloidal nanocrystals of caesium lead halide perovskites
S Yakunin, L Protesescu, F Krieg, MI Bodnarchuk, G Nedelcu, M Humer, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8056, 2015
Nanoscale design of polarization in ultrathin ferroelectric heterostructures
G De Luca, N Strkalj, S Manz, C Bouillet, M Fiebig, M Trassin
Nature communications 8 (1), 1419, 2017
The COVID-19 infection in Italy: a statistical study of an abnormally severe disease
G De Natale, V Ricciardi, G De Luca, D De Natale, G Di Meglio, ...
Journal of Clinical Medicine 9 (5), 1564, 2020
Probing ferroelectric domain engineering in BiFeO3 thin films by second harmonic generation
M Trassin, G De Luca, S Manz, M Fiebig
Advanced Materials 27 (33), 4871-4876, 2015
Domain wall architecture in tetragonal ferroelectric thin films
G De Luca, MD Rossell, J Schaab, N Viart, M Fiebig, M Trassin
arXiv preprint arXiv:1702.06743, 2017
Probing ferroic states in oxide thin films using optical second harmonic generation
J Nordlander, G De Luca, N Strkalj, M Fiebig, M Trassin
Applied Sciences 8 (4), 570, 2018
Depolarizing-field effects in epitaxial capacitor heterostructures
N Strkalj, G De Luca, M Campanini, S Pal, J Schaab, C Gattinoni, ...
Physical review letters 123 (14), 147601, 2019
Ferroelectric domain architecture and poling of on Si
J Nordlander, F Eltes, M Reynaud, J Nürnberg, G De Luca, D Caimi, ...
Physical Review Materials 4 (3), 034406, 2020
Potential-well depth at amorphous-LaAlO3/crystalline-SrTiO3 interfaces measured by optical second harmonic generation
G De Luca, A Rubano, E Gennaro, A Khare, FM Granozio, US di Uccio, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (26), 2014
Domain-pattern transfer across an artificial magnetoelectric interface
G De Luca, P Schoenherr, J Mendil, D Meier, M Fiebig, M Trassin
Physical Review Applied 10 (5), 054030, 2018
Top‐Layer Engineering Reshapes Charge Transfer at Polar Oxide Interfaces
G De Luca, J Spring, M Kaviani, S Jöhr, M Campanini, A Zakharova, ...
Advanced materials 34 (36), 2203071, 2022
Polar asymmetry of La (1− δ) Al (1+ δ) O3/SrTiO3 heterostructures probed by optical second harmonic generation
A Rubano, G De Luca, J Schubert, Z Wang, S Zhu, DG Schlom, L Marrucci, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (10), 2015
Ferromagnetic insulating epitaxially strained La2NiMnO6 thin films grown by sputter deposition
G De Luca, J Spring, U Bashir, M Campanini, R Totani, C Domínguez, ...
APL Materials 9 (8), 2021
Strain-Tuned Magnetic Frustration in a Square Lattice - Material
I Biało, L Martinelli, G De Luca, P Worm, A Drewanowski, J Choi, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.05828, 2023
Structural and electronic properties of SrCuO2+ δ thin films
M Hadjimichael, A Waelchli, B Mundet, S McKeown Walker, G De Luca, ...
APL Materials 10 (10), 2022
Paramagnetic Nd sublattice and thickness-dependent ferromagnetism in double perovskite thin films
J Spring, G De Luca, S Jöhr, J Herrero-Martín, C Guillemard, ...
Physical Review Materials 7 (10), 104407, 2023
Domain distributions in tetragonal ferroelectric thin films probed by optical second harmonic generation
G De Luca, M Fiebig
Physical Review Research 5 (4), 043055, 2023
Competition between Carrier Injection and Structural Distortions in Electron‐Doped Perovskite Nickelate Thin Films
M Hadjimichael, B Mundet, C Domínguez, A Waelchli, G De Luca, ...
Advanced electronic materials 9 (5), 2201182, 2023
Unfolding the Challenges To Prepare Single Crystalline Complex Oxide Membranes by Solution Processing
P Salles, R Guzman, H Tan, M Ramis, I Fina, P Machado, F Sánchez, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2024
Engineering the Magnetic Transition Temperatures and the Rare Earth Exchange Interaction in Oxide Heterostructures
J Spring, N Fedorova, AB Georgescu, A Vogel, G De Luca, S Jöhr, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2406.09937, 2024
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