Kimberley T Davis
Kimberley T Davis
USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula Fire Sciences Lab
Потвърден имейл адрес: usda.gov
Wildfires and climate change push low-elevation forests across a critical climate threshold for tree regeneration
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Wildfire-driven forest conversion in western North American landscapes
JD Coop, SA Parks, CS Stevens-Rumann, SD Crausbay, PE Higuera, ...
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Microclimatic buffering in forests of the future: The role of local water balance
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Human‐mediated long‐distance dispersal: an empirical evaluation of seed dispersal by vehicles
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Anticipating fire‐mediated impacts of climate change using a demographic framework
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Pinus contorta invasions increase wildfire fuel loads and may create a positive feedback with fire
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Challenges to the reforestation pipeline in the United States
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Fire-catalyzed vegetation shifts in ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir forests of the western United States
KT Davis, PE Higuera, SZ Dobrowski, SA Parks, JT Abatzoglou, ...
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Wildfire impacts on forest microclimate vary with biophysical context
KD Wolf, PE Higuera, KT Davis, SZ Dobrowski
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Accuracy of node and bud-scar counts for aging two dominant conifers in western North America
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Severity of impacts of an introduced species corresponds with regional eco‐evolutionary experience
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Non-native pines are homogenizing the ecosystems of South America
RA García, J Franzese, N Policelli, Y Sasal, RD Zenni, MA Nuñez, ...
From biocultural homogenization to biocultural conservation, 245-263, 2018
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