Max ZhiXiang Huang
Max ZhiXiang Huang
Lithium-ion cell engineering, Dyson
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Three-Dimensional NiCo2O4@Polypyrrole Coaxial Nanowire Arrays on Carbon Textiles for High-Performance Flexible Asymmetric Solid-State Supercapacitor
D Kong, W Ren, C Cheng, Y Wang, Z Huang, HY Yang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (38), 21334-21346, 2015
Designed hybrid nanostructure with catalytic effect: beyond the theoretical capacity of SnO2 anode material for lithium ion batteries
Y Wang, ZX Huang, Y Shi, JI Wong, M Ding, HY Yang
Scientific reports 5 (1), 9164, 2015
Seed-assisted growth of α-Fe 2 O 3 nanorod arrays on reduced graphene oxide: a superior anode for high-performance Li-ion and Na-ion batteries
D Kong, C Cheng, Y Wang, B Liu, Z Huang, HY Yang
Journal of materials chemistry A 4 (30), 11800-11811, 2016
Pre-lithiation of onion-like carbon/MoS 2 nano-urchin anodes for high-performance rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Y Wang, G Xing, ZJ Han, Y Shi, JI Wong, ZX Huang, KK Ostrikov, ...
Nanoscale 6 (15), 8884-8890, 2014
Fe 3 O 4 quantum dot decorated MoS 2 nanosheet arrays on graphite paper as free-standing sodium-ion battery anodes
D Kong, C Cheng, Y Wang, Z Huang, B Liu, Y Von Lim, Q Ge, HY Yang
Journal of materials chemistry A 5 (19), 9122-9131, 2017
Three-dimensional hierarchical NiCo 2 O 4 nanowire@ Ni 3 S 2 nanosheet core/shell arrays for flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
B Liu, D Kong, ZX Huang, R Mo, Y Wang, Z Han, C Cheng, HY Yang
Nanoscale 8 (20), 10686-10694, 2016
3D graphene supported MoO 2 for high performance binder-free lithium ion battery
ZX Huang, Y Wang, YG Zhu, Y Shi, JI Wong, HY Yang
Nanoscale 6 (16), 9839-9845, 2014
Phase Transformation Induced Capacitance Activation for 3D Graphene‐CoO Nanorod Pseudocapacitor
YG Zhu, Y Wang, Y Shi, ZX Huang, L Fu, HY Yang
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (9), 1301788, 2014
SnSe2 quantum dot/rGO composite as high performing lithium anode
ZX Huang, B Liu, D Kong, Y Wang, HY Yang
Energy Storage Materials 10, 92-101, 2018
Synthesis of self-assembled cobalt sulphide coated carbon nanotube and its superior electrochemical performance as anodes for Li-ion batteries
ZX Huang, Y Wang, JI Wong, WH Shi, HY Yang
Electrochimica Acta 167, 388-395, 2015
Hybrid CuO/SnO2 nanocomposites: Towards cost-effective and high performance binder free lithium ion batteries anode materials
GZ Xing, Y Wang, JI Wong, YM Shi, ZX Huang, S Li, HY Yang
Applied Physics Letters 105 (14), 2014
Nontopotactic Reaction in Highly Reversible Sodium Storage of Ultrathin Co9Se8/rGO Hybrid Nanosheets
X Wang, D Kong, ZX Huang, Y Wang, HY Yang
Small 13 (24), 1603980, 2017
Free standing SnS2 nanosheets on 3D graphene foam: an outstanding hybrid nanostructure anode for Li-ion batteries
ZX Huang, Y Wang, JI Wong, HY Yang
2D Materials 2 (2), 024010, 2015
WS 2–3D graphene nano-architecture networks for high performance anode materials of lithium ion batteries
Y Von Lim, ZX Huang, Y Wang, FH Du, J Zhang, TP Chen, LK Ang, ...
RSC advances 6 (109), 107768-107775, 2016
Unlocking the potential of SnS2: Transition metal catalyzed utilization of reversible conversion and alloying reactions
ZX Huang, Y Wang, B Liu, D Kong, J Zhang, T Chen, HY Yang
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 41015, 2017
Catalyst engineering for lithium ion batteries: the catalytic role of Ge in enhancing the electrochemical performance of SnO 2 (GeO 2) 0.13/G anodes
YG Zhu, Y Wang, ZJ Han, Y Shi, JI Wong, ZX Huang, KK Ostrikov, ...
Nanoscale 6 (24), 15020-15028, 2014
3D‐Printed, Carbon‐Nanotube‐Wrapped, Thermoresponsive Polymer Spheres for Safer Lithium‐Ion Batteries
ZX Huang, GJ Sim, JC Tan, HY Low, HY Yang
Energy Technology 6 (9), 1715-1722, 2018
Superior initial coulombic efficiency through graphene quantum dot decorated on MoS2
GJ Sim, ZX Huang, Y Wang, D Kong, S Huang, B Liu, HY Yang
FlatChem 9, 8-14, 2018
Two-dimensional SnS2 nanosheets on Prussian blue template for high performance sodium ion batteries
GJ Sim, K Ma, Z Huang, S Huang, Y Wang, H Yang
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 13, 493-500, 2019
Group IV-VI compound graphene anode with catalyst
Z Huang, Y Hui-Ying, Y Wang
US Patent 10,847,785, 2020
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