Felix Kaminsky
Felix Kaminsky
Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
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Mineralogy of the lower mantle: A review of ‘super-deep’mineral inclusions in diamond
F Kaminsky
Earth-Science Reviews 110 (1-4), 127-147, 2012
The Siberian lithosphere traverse: mantle terranes and the assembly of the Siberian Craton
WL Griffin, CG Ryan, FV Kaminsky, SY O'Reilly, LM Natapov, TT Win, ...
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FE Brenker, C Vollmer, L Vincze, B Vekemans, A Szymanski, K Janssens, ...
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F Kaminsky, O Zakharchenko, R Davies, W Griffin, G Khachatryan-Blinova, ...
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NV Sobolev, FV Kaminsky, WL Griffin, ES Yefimova, TT Win, CG Ryan, ...
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High-Mg carbonatitic microinclusions in some Yakutian diamonds—a new type of diamond-forming fluid
O Klein-BenDavid, AM Logvinova, M Schrauder, ZV Spetius, Y Weiss, ...
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Lower mantle diamonds from Rio Soriso (Juina area, Mato Grosso, Brazil)
PC Hayman, MG Kopylova, FV Kaminsky
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Iron carbide inclusions in lower-mantle diamond from Juina, Brazil
FV Kaminsky, R Wirth
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F Kaminsky, R Wirth, S Matsyuk, A Schreiber, R Thomas
Mineralogical Magazine 73 (5), 797-816, 2009
Inclusions of nanocrystalline hydrous aluminium silicate “Phase Egg” in superdeep diamonds from Juina (Mato Grosso State, Brazil)
R Wirth, C Vollmer, F Brenker, S Matsyuk, F Kaminsky
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 259 (3-4), 384-399, 2007
Diamonds from the Guaniamo area, Venezuela
FV Kaminsky, OD Zakharchenko, DMDR Channer, GK Blinova, ...
International Kimberlite Conference: Extended Abstracts 7, 395-397, 1998
Carbonatitic inclusions in deep mantle diamond from Juina, Brazil: new minerals in the carbonate-halide association
FV Kaminsky, R Wirth, A Schreiber
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Characteristics of nitrogen and other impurities in diamond, as revealed by infrared absorption data
FV Kaminsky, GK Khachatryan
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Unusual micro-and nano-inclusions in diamonds from the Juina Area, Brazil
R Wirth, F Kaminsky, S Matsyuk, A Schreiber
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 286 (1-2), 292-303, 2009
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WL Griffin, FV Kaminsky, CG Ryan, SY O'reilly, TT Win, IP Ilupin
Tectonophysics 262 (1-4), 19-33, 1996
The Earth’s lower mantle
FV Kaminsky
Composition and Structure. Cham: Springer Geology, 2017
Evidence for deep mantle convection and primordial heterogeneity from nitrogen and carbon stable isotopes in diamond
M Palot, P Cartigny, JW Harris, FV Kaminsky, T Stachel
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 357, 179-193, 2012
Super-deep diamonds from kimberlites in the Juina area, Mato Grosso State, Brazil
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A microinclusion of lower-mantle rock and other mineral and nitrogen lower-mantle inclusions in a diamond
FV Kaminsky, R Wirth, A Schreiber
The Canadian Mineralogist 53 (1), 83-104, 2015
A primary natrocarbonatitic association in the Deep Earth
FV Kaminsky, ID Ryabchikov, R Wirth
Mineralogy and Petrology 110, 387-398, 2016
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