Anne Rasmussen
Anne Rasmussen
Professor in Political Science, King's College London, University of Copenhagen
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Defining and classifying interest groups
L Baroni, BJ Carroll, AW Chalmers, LMM Marquez, A Rasmussen
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Determinants of upper-class dominance in the heavenly chorus: Lessons from European Union Online Consultations
A Rasmussen, BJ Caroll
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With a little help from the people? The role of public opinion in advocacy success
A Rasmussen, LK Mäder, S Reher
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Representatives of the public? Public opinion and interest group activity
A Rasmussen, BJ Carroll, D Lowery
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The consequences of concluding codecision early: trilogues and intra-institutional bargaining success
A Rasmussen, C Reh
Journal of European Public Policy 20 (7), 1006-1024, 2013
Interest organizations across economic sectors: explaining interest group density in the European Union
J Berkhout, BJ Carroll, C Braun, AW Chalmers, T Destrooper, D Lowery, ...
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Party politics as usual? The role of political parties in EU legislative decision-making
B Lindberg, A Rasmussen, A Warntjen
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Early conclusion in bicameral bargaining: Evidence from the co-decision legislative procedure of the European Union
A Rasmussen
European Union Politics 12 (1), 41-64, 2011
The collaboration between interest groups and political parties in multi-party democracies: Party system dynamics and the effect of power and ideology
S Otjes, A Rasmussen
Party Politics 23 (2), 96-109, 2017
The opinion‐policy nexus in Europe and the role of political institutions
A Rasmussen, S Reher, D Toshkov
European Journal of Political Research 58 (2), 412-434, 2019
Comparing the domestic and the EU lobbying context: perceived agenda-setting influence in the multi-level system of the European Union
AS Binderkrantz, A Rasmussen
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Weapon of the weak? The social media landscape of interest groups
A van der Graaf, S Otjes, A Rasmussen
European Journal of Communication 31 (2), 120-135, 2016
Interest group–party linkage in the twenty‐first century: Evidence from Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
A Rasmussen, GJ Lindeboom
European Journal of Political Research 52 (2), 264-289, 2013
The inter-institutional division of power and time allocation in the European Parliament
A Rasmussen, D Toshkov
West European Politics 34 (1), 71-96, 2011
Biased access? Exploring selection to advisory committees
A Rasmussen, V Gross
European Political Science Review 7 (3), 343-372, 2015
Who Gives Evidence to Parliamentary Committees? A Comparative Investigation of Parliamentary Committees and their Constituencies
HH Pedersen, D Halpin, A Rasmussen
Journal of Legislative Studies, 2015
Framing by the Flock: Collective Issue Definition and Advocacy Success
WM Junk, A Rasmussen
Comparative political studies 52 (4), 483-513, 2019
Public voices in the heavenly chorus? Group type bias and opinion representation
L Flöthe, A Rasmussen
Journal of European Public Policy 26 (6), 824-842, 2019
Party soldiers in a non-partisan community? Party linkage in the European Parliament
A Rasmussen
Journal of European Public Policy 15 (8), 1164-1183, 2008
Challenging the Commission's right of initiative? Conditions for institutional change and stability
A Rasmussen
West European Politics 30 (2), 244-264, 2007
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