Raven Bier
Raven Bier
Savannah River Ecology Lab, University of Georgia
Потвърден имейл адрес: uga.edu
Cumulative impacts of mountaintop mining on an Appalachian watershed
TT Lindberg, ES Bernhardt, R Bier, AM Helton, RB Merola, A Vengosh, ...
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New approach for capturing soluble root exudates in forest soils
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Linking microbial community structure and microbial processes: an empirical and conceptual overview
RL Bier, ES Bernhardt, CM Boot, EB Graham, EK Hall, JT Lennon, ...
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Understanding how microbiomes influence the systems they inhabit
EK Hall, ES Bernhardt, RL Bier, MA Bradford, CM Boot, JB Cotner, ...
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Bacterial community responses to a gradient of alkaline mountaintop mine drainage in Central Appalachian streams
RL Bier, KA Voss, ES Bernhardt
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Effects of TiO2 nanoparticles on the growth and metabolism of three species of freshwater algae
BJ Cardinale, R Bier, C Kwan
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How do stream organisms respond to, and influence, the concentration of titanium dioxide nanoparticles? A mesocosm study with algae and herbivores
KJ Kulacki, BJ Cardinale, AA Keller, R Bier, H Dickson
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In search of microbial indicator taxa: shifts in stream bacterial communities along an urbanization gradient
M Simonin, KA Voss, BA Hassett, JD Rocca, SY Wang, RL Bier, CR Violin, ...
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Association between aquatic micropollutant dissipation and river sediment bacterial communities
C Coll, R Bier, Z Li, S Langenheder, E Gorokhova, A Sobek
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Auxotrophic interactions: a stabilizing attribute of aquatic microbial communities?
WM Johnson, H Alexander, RL Bier, DR Miller, ME Muscarella, KJ Pitz, ...
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Distinct distribution of Archaea from soil to freshwater to estuary: implications of archaeal composition and function in different environments
H Wang, R Bier, L Zgleszewski, M Peipoch, E Omondi, A Mukherjee, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 11, 576661, 2020
Biofilm mediated uptake of selenium in streams with mountaintop coal mine drainage
MC Arnold, RL Bier, TT Lindberg, ES Bernhardt, RT Di Giulio
Limnologica 65, 10-13, 2017
Subsidized or stressed? Shifts in freshwater benthic microbial metagenomics along a gradient of alkaline coal mine drainage
RL Bier, JJ Wernegreen, RJ Vilgalys, JC Ellis, ES Bernhardt
Limnology and Oceanography 65, S277-S292, 2020
Bacterial communities and nitrogen transformation genes in streambank legacy sediments and implications for biogeochemical processing
N Sienkiewicz, RL Bier, L Zgleszewski, J Wang, A Lutgen, G Jiang, ...
What are the type, direction, and strength of species, community, and ecosystem responses to warming in aquatic mesocosm studies and their dependency on experimental …
T Guy-Haim, H Alexander, TW Bell, RL Bier, LE Bortolotti, ...
Environmental Evidence 6 (1), 1-6, 2017
Widespread cryptic viral infections in lotic biofilms
AT Payne, AJ Davidson, J Kan, M Peipoch, R Bier, K Williamson
Biofilm 2, 100016, 2020
Ecosystem size-induced environmental fluctuations affect the temporal dynamics of community assembly mechanisms
RL Bier, M Vass, AJ Székely, S Langenheder
The ISME Journal, 1-9, 2022
Impacts of conventional & organic management practices on soil health and water quality
A Mukherjee, R Bier, E Omondi, J Kan, M Daniels
Spatial scale impacts microbial community composition and distribution within and across stream ecosystems in North and Central America
RL Bier, JJ Mosher, LA Kaplan, J Kan
Environmental Microbiology, 2023
At the interfaces of the hydrologic sciences: Connecting water, elements, ecosystems, and people through the major contributions of Dr. Emily Bernhardt
AM Helton, JL Morse, EB Sudduth, M Ardón, R Bier, KA Voss, MRV Ross, ...
Journal of Hydrology, 129251, 2023
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