Bryan D. Devan
Bryan D. Devan
Psychology Department, Towson University
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Parallel information processing in the dorsal striatum: relation to hippocampal function
BD Devan, NM White
Journal of neuroscience 19 (7), 2789-2798, 1999
Effects of medial and lateral caudate-putamen lesions on place-and cue-guided behaviors in the water maze: relation to thigmotaxis
BD Devan, RJ McDonald, NM White
Behavioural brain research 100 (1-2), 5-14, 1999
Dissociation of hippocampal and striatal contributions to spatial navigation in the water maze
BD Devan, EH Goad, HL Petri
Neurobiology of learning and memory 66 (3), 305-323, 1996
A blueberry-enriched diet provides cellular protection against oxidative stress and reduces a kainate-induced learning impairment in rats
KB Duffy, EL Spangler, BD Devan, Z Guo, JL Bowker, AM Janas, ...
Neurobiology of aging 29 (11), 1680-1689, 2008
Circadian phase-shifted rats show normal acquisition but impaired long-term retention of place information in the water task
BD Devan, EH Goad, HL Petri, EA Antoniadis, NS Hong, CH Ko, ...
Neurobiology of learning and memory 75 (1), 51-62, 2001
Parallel associative processing in the dorsal striatum: Segregation of stimulus–response and cognitive control subregions
BD Devan, NS Hong, RJ McDonald
Neurobiology of learning and memory 96 (2), 95-120, 2011
Multiple memory systems: the power of interactions
RJ McDonald, BD Devan, NS Hong
Neurobiology of learning and memory 82 (3), 333-346, 2004
Phosphodiesterase inhibition by sildenafil citrate attenuates a maze learning impairment in rats induced by nitric oxide synthase inhibition
BD Devan, JL Bowker, KB Duffy, IS Bharati, M Jimenez, D Sierra-Mercado, ...
Psychopharmacology 183, 439-445, 2006
Phosphodiesterase inhibition by sildenafil citrate attenuates the learning impairment induced by blockade of cholinergic muscarinic receptors in rats
BD Devan, D Sierra-Mercado Jr, M Jimenez, JL Bowker, KB Duffy, ...
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 79 (4), 691-699, 2004
The challenges of understanding mammalian cognition and memory-based behaviours: an interactive learning and memory systems approach
RJ McDonald, NS Hong, BD Devan
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 28 (7), 719-745, 2004
Pleasure travel (tourist) motivation: A factor analytic approach
MH Figler, AR Weinstein, JJ Sollers, BD Devan
Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 30, 113-116, 1992
The cholinesterase inhibitor, phenserine, improves Morris water maze performance of scopolamine-treated rats
AM Janas, SC Cunningham, KB Duffy, BD Devan, NH Greig, ...
Life sciences 76 (10), 1073-1081, 2005
Striatal lesions interfere with acquisition of a complex maze task in rats
PJ Pistell, CM Nelson, MG Miller, EL Spangler, DK Ingram, BD Devan
Behavioural brain research 197 (1), 138-143, 2009
Sildenafil citrate attenuates a complex maze impairment induced by intracerebroventricular infusion of the NOS inhibitor Nω-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester
BD Devan, PJ Pistell, LW Daffin Jr, CM Nelson, KB Duffy, JL Bowker, ...
European journal of pharmacology 563 (1-3), 134-140, 2007
Phosphodiesterase inhibition facilitates cognitive restoration in rodent models of age-related memory decline
BD Devan, PJ Pistell, KB Duffy, B Kelley-Bell, EL Spangler, DK Ingram
NeuroRehabilitation 34 (1), 101-111, 2014
Partial reinforcement across trials impairs escape performance but spares place learning in the water maze
BD Devan, EM Stouffer, HL Petri, RJ McDonald, JL Olds
Behavioural brain research 141 (2), 91-104, 2003
Place navigation in the Morris water task: Effects of reduced platform interval lighting and pseudorandom platform positioning
BD Devan, GS Blank, HL Petri
Psychobiology 20, 120-126, 1992
A room with a view and a polarizing cue: Individual differences in the stimulus control of place navigation and passive latent learning in the water maze
BD Devan, HL Petri, M Mishkin, EM Stouffer, JL Bowker, PB Yin, ...
Neurobiology of learning and memory 78 (1), 79-99, 2002
Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibition and cognitive enhancement
BD Devan, KB Duffy, JL Bowker, IS Bharati, CM Nelson, LW Daffin Jr, ...
Drugs Future 30 (7), 725, 2005
Sex differences on the competitive place task in the water maze: The influence of peripheral pool time on spatial navigation performance in rats
BD Devan, EL Tobin, EN Dunn, C Magalis
Behavioural processes 132, 34-41, 2016
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