David C.W. Parker
David C.W. Parker
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Divided we quarrel: The politics of congressional investigations, 1947–2004
DCW Parker, M Dull
Legislative Studies Quarterly 34 (3), 319-345, 2009
Making a good impression: Resource allocation, home styles, and Washington work
DCW Parker, C Goodman
Legislative Studies Quarterly 34 (4), 493-524, 2009
Women and the weight of a pandemic: A survey of four Western US states early in the Coronavirus outbreak
ANW Raile, ED Raile, DCW Parker, EA Shanahan, P Haines
Gender, Work & Organization 28, 554-565, 2021
Doing archival research in political science
SA Frisch, DB Harris, SQ Kelly, DCW Parker
Cambria Press, 2012
Battle for the Big Sky: Representation and the Politics of Place in the Race for the US Senate
DCW Parker
CQ Press, 2015
Rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse: The politics of House committee investigations, 1947 to 2004
DCW Parker, M Dull
Political Research Quarterly 66 (3), 630-644, 2013
The power of money in congressional campaigns, 1880–2006
DCW Parker
University of Oklahoma Press, 2008
Our state’s never had better friends: Resource allocation, home styles, and dual representation in the Senate
DCW Parker, C Goodman
Political Research Quarterly 66 (2), 370-384, 2013
The weaponization of congressional oversight: the politics of the watchful eye, 1947–2010
DCW Parker, M Dull
Politics to the extreme: American political institutions in the twenty-first …, 2013
The consequences of divided government
JJ Coleman, DCW Parker
Back from Holyrood: How mixed-member proportional representation and ballot structure shape the personal vote
DCW Parker, CM Richter
The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 20 (3), 674–692, 2018
Leaving on a jet plane: polarization, foreign travel, and comity in congress
A Alduncin, DCW Parker, SM Theriault
Congress & the Presidency 44 (2), 179-200, 2017
Creating and Destroying Party Brands
C Goodman, J Grimmer, D Parker, F Zlotnick
Unpublished Working Paper, URL http://stanford. edu/jgrimmer/destroy. pdf, 2015
Foreign Junkets or Learning to Legislate? Generational Changes in the International Travel Patterns of House Members, 1977–2012
A Alduncin, SQ Kelly, DCW Parker, SM Theriault
The Forum 12 (3), 563-577, 2014
Who franks? Explaining the allocation of official resources
C Goodman, DCW Parker
Congress & the Presidency 37 (3), 254-278, 2010
Pay to Play: Parties, Interests, and Money in Federal Elections
DCW Parker, JJ Coleman
The Medium and the Message: Television Advertising and American Elections …, 2004
Looking after constituency interests: The utilisation of MP expenses and Early Day Motions to craft constituency service home styles
DCW Parker
Parliamentary Affairs 74 (1), 158-179, 2021
Questioning scrutiny: the effect of Prime Minister’s Questions on citizen efficacy and trust in parliament
A Convery, P Haines, J Mitchell, DCW Parker
The Journal of legislative studies 27 (2), 207-226, 2021
Congressional Oversight: Overlooked or Unhinged?
M Dull, DCW Parker
APSA‟ s Legislative Studies Section, Extension of Remarks, 1-6, 2012
The logic of parliamentary action: Brexit, Early Day Motions, and bolstering the personal vote
DCW Parker, I Caltabiano
The Journal of legislative studies 27 (3), 400-417, 2021
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