Roman Pisarev
Roman Pisarev
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Observation of coupled magnetic and electric domains
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, D Fröhlich, AV Goltsev, RV Pisarev
Nature 419 (6909), 818-820, 2002
Ultrafast non-thermal control of magnetization by instantaneous photomagnetic pulses
AV Kimel, A Kirilyuk, PA Usachev, RV Pisarev, AM Balbashov, T Rasing
Nature 435 (7042), 655-657, 2005
Laser-induced ultrafast spin reorientation in the antiferromagnet TmFeO3
AV Kimel, A Kirilyuk, A Tsvetkov, RV Pisarev, T Rasing
Nature 429 (6994), 850-853, 2004
Second-harmonic generation as a tool for studying electronic and magnetic structures of crystals
M Fiebig, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev
JOSA B 22 (1), 96-118, 2005
Inertia-driven spin switching in antiferromagnets
AV Kimel, BA Ivanov, RV Pisarev, PA Usachev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Nature Physics 5 (10), 727-731, 2009
Determination of the magnetic symmetry of hexagonal manganites by second harmonic generation
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, K Kohn, T Lottermoser, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev
Physical review letters 84 (24), 5620, 2000
Second Harmonic Generation and Magnetic-Dipole-Electric-Dipole Interference in Antiferromagnetic
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, BB Krichevtsov, RV Pisarev
Physical Review Letters 73 (15), 2127, 1994
Charge transfer transitions in multiferroic and related ferrite insulators
RV Pisarev, AS Moskvin, AM Kalashnikova, T Rasing
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 79 (23), 235128, 2009
Ultrafast optical modification of exchange interactions in iron oxides
RV Mikhaylovskiy, E Hendry, A Secchi, JH Mentink, M Eckstein, A Wu, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8190, 2015
Impulsive Generation of Coherent Magnons by Linearly Polarized Light <?format ?>in the Easy-Plane Antiferromagnet
AM Kalashnikova, AV Kimel, RV Pisarev, VN Gridnev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Physical review letters 99 (16), 167205, 2007
Spin-rotation phenomena and magnetic phase diagrams of hexagonal RMnO3
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, RV Pisarev
Journal of applied physics 93 (10), 8194-8196, 2003
Laser-induced ultrafast spin dynamics in ErFeO
JA De Jong, AV Kimel, RV Pisarev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 84 (10), 104421, 2011
Structural and electrical properties of BiFeO3-Pb (ZrTi) O3 composites
M Fiebig, T Lottermoser, D Frohlich, AV Golsev, RV Pisarev
Nature 419, 819, 2002
Spontaneous non-reciprocal reflection of light from antiferromagnetic Cr2O3
BB Krichevtsov, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, VN Gridnev
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 5 (44), 8233, 1993
Room-temperature ultrafast carrier and spin dynamics in GaAs probed by the photoinduced magneto-optical Kerr effect
AV Kimel, F Bentivegna, VN Gridnev, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, T Rasing
Physical Review B 63 (23), 235201, 2001
Second harmonic generation in the centrosymmetric antiferromagnet NiO
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, T Lottermoser, VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, HJ Weber
Physical review letters 87 (13), 137202, 2001
Observation of a transversal nonlinear magneto-optical effect in thin magnetic garnet films
VV Pavlov, RV Pisarev, A Kirilyuk, T Rasing
Physical review letters 78 (10), 2004, 1997
Impulsive excitation of coherent magnons and phonons by subpicosecond laser pulses in the weak ferromagnet
AM Kalashnikova, AV Kimel, RV Pisarev, VN Gridnev, PA Usachev, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 78 (10), 104301, 2008
Coherent Control of the Route of an Ultrafast Magnetic Phase Transition via<? format?> Low-Amplitude Spin Precession
JA De Jong, I Razdolski, AM Kalashnikova, RV Pisarev, AM Balbashov, ...
Physical Review Letters 108 (15), 157601, 2012
Domain topography of antiferromagnetic Cr2O3 by second‐harmonic generation
M Fiebig, D Fröhlich, G Sluyterman v. L, RV Pisarev
Applied Physics Letters 66 (21), 2906-2908, 1995
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