Yannis Raftoyannis
Yannis Raftoyannis
International Hellenic University
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Physiological responses of beech and sessile oak in a natural mixed stand during a dry summer
Y Raftoyannis, K Radoglou
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Growing scattered broadleaved tree species in Europe in a changing climate: a review of risks and opportunities
GE Hemery, JR Clark, E Aldinger, H Claessens, ME Malvolti, E O'connor, ...
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Y Raftoyannis, MW Dick
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Absence of geographical structure of morphological variation in Juniperus oxycedrus L. subsp. oxycedrus in the Balkan Peninsula
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Y Raftoyannis, MW Dick
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Site quality effects on post‐fire regeneration of Pinus brutia forest on a Greek island
IA Spanos, KM Radoglou, Y Raftoyannis
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Perceptions of forest experts on climate change and fire management in European Mediterranean forests
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GLOCHAMORE (Global Change and Mountain Regions) Research Strategy
A Björnsen Gurung, A Becker, JJ Brun, H Bugmann, JP Dedieu, ...
Zurich, Switzerland: Mountain Research Initiative, 2006
Ecophysiology and Survival of Acer pseudoplatanus L., Castanea sativa Miller. and Quercus frainetto Ten. Seedlings on a Reforestation Site in Northern Greece
Y Raftoyannis, K Radoglou, G Halivopoulos
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Crown condition of a fir forest in Karpenisi, Central Greece
Y Raftoyannis, K Radoglou
Proceedings of the international conference on forest research:“a challenge …, 2001
Contribution of forests and forestry to mitigate greenhouse effects
E Laitat, T Karjalainen, D Loustau, M Lindner, P Weiss, B Schlamadinger, ...
Bio-technology, Agronomy Society and Environment 4 (4), 241-251, 2000
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Effects of mistletoe infestation on the decline and mortality of Abies cephalonica in Greece
Y Raftoyannis, K Radoglou, M Bredemeier
Annals of Forest Research 58 (1), 55-65, 2015
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