Rajeev Misra
Rajeev Misra
Professor of Microbiology, Arizona State University
Потвърден имейл адрес: asu.edu
Diet and the evolution of human amylase gene copy number variation
GH Perry, NJ Dominy, KG Claw, AS Lee, H Fiegler, R Redon, J Werner, ...
Nature genetics 39 (10), 1256-1260, 2007
Selected loss of tolerance evidenced by Crohn's disease–associated immune responses to auto-and microbial antigens
CJ Landers, O Cohavy, R Misra, H Yang, YC Lin, J Braun, SR Targan
Gastroenterology 123 (3), 689-699, 2002
YfiO stabilizes the YaeT complex and is essential for outer membrane protein assembly in Escherichia coli
JC Malinverni, J Werner, S Kim, JG Sklar, D Kahne, R Misra, TJ Silhavy
Molecular microbiology 61 (1), 151-164, 2006
Identification and characterization of a new gene of Escherichia coli K-12 involved in outer membrane permeability.
BA Sampson, R Misra, SA Benson
Genetics 122 (3), 491-501, 1989
Colonic bacteria express an ulcerative colitis pANCA-related protein epitope
O Cohavy, D Bruckner, LK Gordon, R Misra, B Wei, ME Eggena, ...
Infection and immunity 68 (3), 1542-1548, 2000
YaeT (Omp85) affects the assembly of lipid‐dependent and lipid‐independent outer membrane proteins of Escherichia coli
J Werner, R Misra
Molecular microbiology 57 (5), 1450-1459, 2005
Assembly and channel opening in a bacterial drug efflux machine
VN Bavro, Z Pietras, N Furnham, L Pérez-Cano, J Fernández-Recio, ...
Molecular cell 30 (1), 114-121, 2008
Differential Effects of yfgL Mutation on Escherichia coli Outer Membrane Proteins and Lipopolysaccharide
ES Charlson, JN Werner, R Misra
Journal of bacteriology 188 (20), 7186-7194, 2006
Genetic identification of the pore domain of the OmpC porin of Escherichia coli K-12
R Misra, SA Benson
Journal of bacteriology 170 (8), 3611-3617, 1988
Dissection of β‐barrel outer membrane protein assembly pathways through characterizing BamA POTRA 1 mutants of Escherichia coli
D Bennion, ES Charlson, E Coon, R Misra
Molecular microbiology 77 (5), 1153-1171, 2010
Role of micF in the tolC-mediated regulation of OmpF, a major outer membrane protein of Escherichia coli K-12
R Misra, PR Reeves
Journal of Bacteriology 169 (10), 4722-4730, 1987
Analysis of YfgL and YaeT interactions through bioinformatics, mutagenesis, and biochemistry
P Vuong, D Bennion, J Mantei, D Frost, R Misra
Journal of bacteriology 190 (5), 1507-1517, 2008
The TolC protein of Escherichia coli serves as a cell-surface receptor for the newly characterized TLS bacteriophage
GJ German, R Misra
Journal of molecular biology 308 (4), 579-585, 2001
MzrA: a novel modulator of the EnvZ/OmpR two‐component regulon
H Gerken, ES Charlson, EM Cicirelli, LJ Kenney, R Misra
Molecular microbiology 72 (6), 1408-1422, 2009
Isolation and characterization of OmpC porin mutants with altered pore properties
R Misra, SA Benson
Journal of bacteriology 170 (2), 528-533, 1988
Biochemistry and Regulation of a NovelEscherichia coli K-12 Porin Protein, OmpG, Which Produces Unusually Large Channels
DA Fajardo, J Cheung, C Ito, E Sugawara, H Nikaido, R Misra
Journal of bacteriology 180 (17), 4452-4459, 1998
Assembly and transport mechanism of tripartite drug efflux systems
R Misra, VN Bavro
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1794 (5), 817-825, 2009
A genetic approach for analyzing the pathway of LamB assembly into the outer membrane of Escherichia coli
R Misra, A Peterson, T Ferenci, TJ Silhavy
Journal of Biological Chemistry 266 (21), 13592-13597, 1991
Overexpression of Protease-Deficient DegPS210ARescues the Lethal Phenotype of Escherichia coli OmpF Assembly Mutants in a degP Background
R Misra, M CastilloKeller, M Deng
Journal of Bacteriology 182 (17), 4882-4888, 2000
Interaction between the TolC and AcrA Proteins of a Multidrug Efflux System of Escherichia coli
F Husain, M Humbard, R Misra
Journal of bacteriology 186 (24), 8533-8536, 2004
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