Philip Doherty
Philip Doherty
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An illuminating idea to reduce bycatch in the Peruvian small-scale gillnet fishery
A Bielli, J Alfaro-Shigueto, PD Doherty, BJ Godley, C Ortiz, A Pasara, ...
Biological Conservation 241, 108277, 2020
Long-term satellite tracking reveals variable seasonal migration strategies of basking sharks in the north-east Atlantic
PD Doherty, JM Baxter, FR Gell, BJ Godley, RT Graham, G Hall, J Hall, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Untangling the impacts of nets in the southeastern Pacific: Rapid assessment of marine turtle bycatch to set conservation priorities in small-scale fisheries
J Alfaro-Shigueto, JC Mangel, J Darquea, M Donoso, A Baquero, ...
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Big catch, little sharks: Insight into Peruvian small‐scale longline fisheries
PD Doherty, J Alfaro‐Shigueto, DJ Hodgson, JC Mangel, MJ Witt, ...
Ecology and evolution 4 (12), 2375-2383, 2014
Testing the boundaries: Seasonal residency and inter-annual site fidelity of basking sharks in a proposed Marine Protected Area
PD Doherty, JM Baxter, BJ Godley, RT Graham, G Hall, J Hall, LA Hawkes, ...
Biological Conservation 209, 68-75, 2017
A continuous-time state-space model for rapid quality-control of Argos locations from animal-borne tags
ID Jonsen, TA Patterson, DP Costa, PD Doherty, BJ Godley, WJ Grecian, ...
Movement Ecology 8, 31, 2020
Informing marine protected area designation and management for nesting olive ridley sea turtles using satellite tracking
TM Dawson, A Formia, PD Agamboué, GM Asseko, F Boussamba, ...
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Predicting habitat suitability for basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) in UK waters using ensemble ecological niche modelling
RA Austin, LA Hawkes, PD Doherty, SM Henderson, R Inger, L Johnson, ...
Journal of Sea Research 153, 101767, 2019
Assessing the impact of introduced infrastructure at sea with cameras: A case study for spatial scale, time and statistical power
AWJ Bicknell, EV Sheehan, BJ Godley, PD Doherty, MJ Witt
Marine environmental research 147, 126-137, 2019
Spatio-temporal genetic tagging of a cosmopolitan planktivorous shark provides insight to gene flow, temporal variation and site-specific re-encounters
L Lieber, G Hall, J Hall, S Berrow, E Johnston, C Gubili, J Sarginson, ...
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Using Cumulative Impact Mapping to Prioritize Marine Conservation Efforts in Equatorial Guinea
BT Trew, HS Grantham, C Barrientos, T Collins, PD Doherty, A Formia, ...
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Seasonal changes in basking shark vertical space use in the north-east Atlantic
PD Doherty, JM Baxter, BJ Godley, RT Graham, G Hall, J Hall, LA Hawkes, ...
Marine Biology 166 (10), 1-12, 2019
Assessing the Effects of Banana Pingers as a Bycatch Mitigation Device for Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena)
L Omeyer, PD Doherty, SJ Dolman, R Enever, A Reese, N Tregenza, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 285, 2020
Tracking foraging green turtles in the Republic of Congo: insights into spatial ecology from a data poor region
K Metcalfe, N Bréheret, G Bal, E Chauvet, PD Doherty, A Formia, A Girard, ...
Oryx, 1-8, 2020
Spatial Ecology of Sub-Adult Green Turtles in Coastal Waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands: Implications for Conservation Management
PD Doherty, AC Broderick, BJ Godley, KA Hart, Q Phillips, A Sanghera, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 690, 2020
Threats of illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing to biodiversity and food security in the Republic of the Congo
PD Doherty, BC Atsango, G Ngassiki, A Ngouembe, N Bréheret, ...
Conservation Biology 35 (5), 1463-1472, 2021
Response to “Design issues adumbrate conclusions on LED-mediated bycatch risk reduction of cetaceans and turtles in fishing nets: a comment on Bielli et al.(2020)”
A Bielli, J Alfaro-Shigueto, PD Doherty, BJ Godley, JH Wang, JC Mangel
Biological Conservation 243, 108493, 2020
Scallop potting with lights: A novel, low impact method for catching European king scallop (Pecten maximus)
R Enever, PD Doherty, J Ashworth, M Duffy, P Kibel, M Parker, BD Stewart, ...
Fisheries Research 252, 106334, 2022
Fulfilling global marine commitments; lessons learned from Gabon
K Metcalfe, L White, ME Lee, JM Fay, G Abitsi, RJ Parnell, RJ Smith, ...
Conservation Letters, e12872, 2022
Basking shark movement ecology in the north-east Atlantic
PD Doherty
University of Exeter, 2017
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