Moustapha doumiati
Moustapha doumiati
Assistant Professor, Ecole Supérieure d'Electronique de l'Ouest, Angers
Потвърден имейл адрес: eseo.fr
Onboard real-time estimation of vehicle lateral tire–road forces and sideslip angle
M Doumiati, AC Victorino, A Charara, D Lechner
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M Doumiati, O Sename, L Dugard, JJ Martinez-Molina, P Gaspar, Z Szabo
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M Doumiati, A Charara, A Victorino, D Lechner
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M Doumiati, A Victorino, D Lechner, G Baffet, A Charara
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M Doumiati, A Victorino, A Charara, D Lechner
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Lateral load transfer and normal forces estimation for vehicle safety: experimental test
M Doumiati, A Victorino, A Charara, D Lechner
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A method to estimate the lateral tire force and the sideslip angle of a vehicle: Experimental validation
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Unscented Kalman filter for real-time vehicle lateral tire forces and sideslip angle estimation
M Doumiati, A Victorino, A Charara, D Lechner
2009 IEEE intelligent vehicles symposium, 901-906, 2009
Gain-scheduled LPV/H controller based on direct yaw moment and active steering for vehicle handling improvements
M Doumiati, O Sename, J Martinez, L Dugard, C Poussot-Vassal
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Virtual sensors, application to vehicle tire-road normal forces for road safety
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Embedded estimation of the tire/road forces and validation in a laboratory vehicle
M Doumiati, A Victorino, A Charara, D Lechner
International symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control, 2008
A global chassis control system involving active suspensions, direct yaw control and active front steering
A Chokor, R Talj, M Doumiati, A Charara
IFAC-PapersOnLine 52 (5), 444-451, 2019
Adaptive control scheme for road profile estimation: application to vehicle dynamics
M Doumiati, S Erhart, J Martinez, O Sename, L Dugard
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 47 (3), 8445-8450, 2014
Integrated vehicle lateral stability control with different coordination strategies between active steering and differential braking
C Bardawil, R Talj, C Francis, A Charara, M Doumiati
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Global chassis control using coordinated control of braking/steering actuators
C Poussot-Vassal, O Sename, S Fergani, M Doumiati, L Dugard
Robust Control and Linear Parameter Varying approaches: application to …, 2013
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