Yuen-Tsu Nicco Yu
Yuen-Tsu Nicco Yu
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Broad spectrum antimicrobial biocides target the FabI component of fatty acid synthesis
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Evidence that SpoIVFB Is a Novel Type of Membrane Metalloprotease Governing Intercompartmental Communication duringBacillus subtilis Sporulation
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Forespore Signaling Is Necessary for Pro-σK Processing during Bacillus subtilis Sporulation Despite the Loss of SpoIVFA upon Translational Arrest
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Interactions of an Arg-rich region of transcription elongation protein NusA with NUT RNA: implications for the order of assembly of the λ N antitermination complex in vivo
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Allopatric divergence limits cheating range and alters genetic requirements for a cooperative trait
KA Schaal, YTN Yu, M Vasse, GJ Velicer
bioRxiv, 2021
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