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Mats Hannerz
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Effects on the flora in Norway spruce forests following clearcutting and shelterwood cutting
M Hannerz, B Hånell
Forest Ecology and Management 90 (1), 29-49, 1997
Evaluation of temperature models for predicting bud burst in Norway spruce
M Hannerz
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Genetic correlations between growth and growth rhythm observed in a short-term test and performance in long-term field trials of Norway spruce
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Effects of genetic selection for growth on frost hardiness in western hemlock
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Changes in the vascular plant vegetation after different cutting regimes on a productive peatland site in central Sweden
M Hannerz, B Hånell
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Variation in chilling requirements for completing bud rest between provenances of Norway spruce
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Predicting the risk of frost occurrence after budburst of Norway spruce in Sweden.
M Hannerz
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Genetic and seasonal variation in hardiness and growth rhythm in boreal and temperate conifers-a review and annotated bibliography
M Hannerz
Report-Skogforsk (Sweden), 1998
Rooting Success of Cuttings from Young Picea abies in Transition to Flowering Competent Phase
M Hannerz, C Almqvist, I Ekberg
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 14 (6), 498-504, 1999
Pine weevil (Hylobius abietis) damage to cuttings and seedlings of Norway spruce
M Hannerz, Å Thorsén, S Mattsson, J Weslien
Forest ecology and management 160 (1-3), 11-17, 2002
Growth cessation and autumn-frost hardiness in one-year-old Picea abies progenies from seed orchards and natural stands
M Hannerz, J Westin
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 15 (3), 309-317, 2000
Autumn frost hardiness in Norway spruce plus tree progeny and trees of the local and transferred provenances in central Sweden
M Hannerz, J Westin
Tree physiology 25 (9), 1181-1186, 2005
Inheritance of strobili production and genetic correlation with growth in lodgepole pine
M Hannerz, SN Aitken, T Ericsson, CC Ying
International Journal of Forest Genetics, 2001
Damage to Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst) seedlings caused by a late spring frost
M Hannerz
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Timing of seed dispersal in Pinus sylvestris stands in central Sweden
M Hannerz, C Almqvist, R Hornfeldt
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Granföryngring under skärm
M Hannerz
SkogForsk, 1994
Early testing of growth rhythm in Picea abies for prediction of frost damage and growth in the field
M Hannerz
Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Silvestria (Sweden), 1999
Scots pine and Norway spruce seed orchards in Sweden-a description with an analysis of future seed supply.
M Hannerz, U Eriksson, U Wennström, L Wilhelmsson
Redogörelse-SkogForsk, 2000
Investigation for a Swedish research program on the genus Populus
L Rytter, T Johansson, A Karačić, M Weih, P Börjesson, N Fogdestam, ...
Skogforsk, Uppsala, Arbetsrapport, 2011
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