Adisak Boonchun
Adisak Boonchun
Kasetsart University
Потвърден имейл адрес: case.edu
Gold photosensitized SrTiO 3 for visible-light water oxidation induced by Au interband transitions
L Liu, P Li, B Adisak, S Ouyang, N Umezawa, J Ye, R Kodiyath, T Tanabe, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (25), 9875-9882, 2014
First-principles study of the elasticity, piezoelectricity, and vibrational modes in LiGaO 2 compared with ZnO and GaN
A Boonchun, WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 81 (23), 235214, 2010
Electronic structure of defects and doping in ZnO: Oxygen vacancy and nitrogen doping
A Boonchun, WRL Lambrecht
physica status solidi (b) 250 (10), 2091-2101, 2013
Energetics of native defects in anatase TiO 2: a hybrid density functional study
A Boonchun, P Reunchan, N Umezawa
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (43), 30040-30046, 2016
Identification of a N-related shallow acceptor and electron paramagnetic resonance center in ZnO: N 2+ on the Zn site
WRL Lambrecht, A Boonchun
Physical Review B 87 (19), 195207, 2013
Electronic properties of highly-active Ag 3 AsO 4 photocatalyst and its band gap modulation: an insight from hybrid-density functional calculations
P Reunchan, A Boonchun, N Umezawa
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (33), 23407-23411, 2016
Identification of Mn site in Pb (Zr, Ti) O3 by synchrotron x-ray absorption near-edge structure: Theory and experiment
S Limpijumnong, S Rujirawat, A Boonchun, MF Smith, B Cherdhirunkorn
Applied Physics Letters 90 (10), 2007
Critical evaluation of the LDA + U approach for band gap corrections in point defect calculations: The oxygen vacancy in ZnO case study
A Boonchun, WRL Lambrecht
physica status solidi (b) 248 (5), 1043-1051, 2011
First-principles study of point defects in LiGaO2
A Boonchun, K Dabsamut, WRL Lambrecht
Journal of Applied Physics 126 (15), 2019
Role of photoexcited electrons in hydrogen evolution from platinum co-catalysts loaded on anatase TiO 2: a first-principles study
A Boonchun, N Umezawa, T Ohno, S Ouyang, J Ye
Journal of materials chemistry A 1 (22), 6664-6669, 2013
First principles study of Mn impurities in PbTiO3 and PbZrO3
A Boonchun, MF Smith, B Cherdhirunkorn, S Limpijumnong
Journal of applied physics 101 (4), 2007
First-principles study of n-and p-type doping opportunities in LiGaO2
K Dabsamut, A Boonchun, WRL Lambrecht
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53 (27), 274002, 2020
Strain engineering and thermal conductivity of a penta-BCN monolayer: a computational study
K Dabsamut, T Thanasarnsurapong, T Maluangnont, T Jiraroj, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 54 (35), 355301, 2021
Piezoelectric and electronic properties of hydrogenated penta-BCN: A computational study
T Thanasarnsurapong, K Dabsamut, T Maluangnont, S Jungthawan, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 129 (9), 2021
First-principles study of oxygen vacancies in alloys
A Boonchun, WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 81 (2), 024103, 2010
Local structure of stoichiometric and oxygen-deficient A2Ti6O13 (A= Li, Na, and K) studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy and first-principles calculations
J Kanchanawarin, W Limphirat, P Promchana, T Sooknoi, T Maluangnont, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 124 (15), 2018
Electronic structure, doping, and lattice dynamics of LiGaO2
A Boonchun, WRL Lambrecht
Oxide-Based Materials and Devices II 7940, 129-134, 2011
First-principles calculation of resonant x-ray emission spectra applied to ZnO
ARH Preston, A DeMasi, LFJ Piper, KE Smith, WRL Lambrecht, ...
Physical Review B 83 (20), 205106, 2011
Computational study of electron paramagnetic resonance spectra for Li and Ga vacancies in LiGaO2
D Skachkov, WRL Lambrecht, K Dabsamut, A Boonchun
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 53 (17), 17LT01, 2020
Hybrid-functional study of native defects and W/Mo-doped in monoclinic-bismuth vanadate
P Pakeetood, P Reunchan, A Boonchun, S Limpijumnong, R Munprom, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (23), 14508-14516, 2019
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