Maria Staevska
Maria Staevska
Medical University Sofia
Потвърден имейл адрес: medfac.mu-sofia.bg
The effectiveness of levocetirizine and desloratadine in up to 4 times conventional doses in difficult-to-treat urticaria
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International consensus on the diagnosis and management of pediatric patients with hereditary angioedema with C1 inhibitor deficiency
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Night‐time sedating H1‐antihistamine increases daytime somnolence but not treatment efficacy in chronic spontaneous urticaria: a randomized controlled trial
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Rhinitis and sleep apnea
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Targeted next-generation sequencing for the molecular diagnosis of hereditary angioedema due to C1-inhibitor deficiency
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International consensus on the use of genetics in the management of hereditary angioedema
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Real life clinical study design supporting the effectiveness of extra-fine inhaled beclomethasone/formoterol at the level of small airways of asthmatics
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Quality of life improvement after a three-year course of sublingual immunotherapy in patients with house dust mite and grass pollen induced allergic rhinitis: results from real …
SM Novakova, MT Staevska, PI Novakova, MD Yoncheva, ...
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The global impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on the management and course of chronic urticaria
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A real–life observational pilot study to evaluate the effects of two-week treatment with montelukast in patients with chronic cough
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Recombinant human C1 esterase inhibitor as short-term prophylaxis in patients with hereditary angioedema
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Effect of micronized cellulose powder on the efficacy of topical oxymetazoline in allergic rhinitis
A Valerieva, TA Popov, M Staevska, T Kralimarkova, E Petkova, ...
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A novel deep intronic SERPING1 variant as a cause of hereditary angioedema due to C1-inhibitor deficiency
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Differential diagnosis of persistent nonallergic rhinitis and rhinosinusitis syndromes
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Persistent nonallergic rhinosinusitis
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Characteristics of a patient population seeking medical advice for nasal symptoms in Bulgaria
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The effectiveness of antihistamines in up to four-times conventional doses on urticarial discomfort and quality of life in difficult-to-treat urticaria
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Real-life study on the effect of micronized cellulose powder as add-on to intranasal as-needed treatment of subjects with pollen allergic rhinitis
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Perennial nonallergic rhinitis
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Rhinitis and sleep apnea
MT Staevska, JN Baraniuk
Clinical allergy and immunology 19, 449, 2007
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