Benjamin Allen
Benjamin Allen
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As clear as mud: a critical review of evidence for the ecological roles of Australian dingoes
BL Allen, PJS Fleming, LR Allen, RM Engeman, G Ballard, LKP Leung
Biological Conservation 159, 158-174, 2013
Seven considerations about dingoes as biodiversity engineers: the socio-ecological niches of dogs in Australia
PJS Fleming, BL Allen, G Ballard
Australian Mammalogy 34 (1), 119-131, 2012
Management of wild canids in Australia: free-ranging dogs and red foxes
PJS Fleming, BL Allen, LR Allen, G Ballard, AJ Bengsen, MN Gentle, ...
Carnivores of Australia: past, present and future, 105-149, 2014
Influence of food and lifestyle on the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease
O Niewiadomski, C Studd, J Wilson, J Williams, C Hair, R Knight, ...
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The success of GPS collar deployments on mammals in Australia
A Matthews, L Ruykys, B Ellis, S FitzGibbon, D Lunney, MS Crowther, ...
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Prospective population‐based cohort of inflammatory bowel disease in the biologics era: disease course and predictors of severity
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Reintroducing the dingo: the risk of dingo predation to threatened vertebrates of Western New South Wales
BL Allen, PJS Fleming
Wildlife Research 39 (1), 35-50, 2012
Can we save large carnivores without losing large carnivore science?
BL Allen, LR Allen, H Andrén, G Ballard, L Boitani, RM Engeman, ...
Food Webs 12, 64-75, 2017
Assessing predation risk to threatened fauna from their prevalence in predator scats: dingoes and rodents in arid Australia
BL Allen, LKP Leung
PLoS ONE 7 (5), e36426, 2012
The influence of dingoes on sheep distribution in Australia
BL Allen, P West
Australian Veterinary Journal, 2013
Deconstructing compassionate conservation
MW Hayward, A Callen, BL Allen, G Ballard, F Broekhuis, C Bugir, ...
Conservation Biology 33 (4), 760-768, 2019
Wild dogma: An examination of recent “evidence” for dingo regulation of invasive mesopredator release in Australia
BL Allen, RM Engeman, LR Allen
Current Zoology 57 (5), 568-583, 2011
Right on track? Performance of satellite telemetry in terrestrial wildlife research
MPG Hofman, MW Hayward, M Heim, P Marchand, CM Rolandsen, ...
PLoS One 14 (5), e0216223, 2019
Intraguild relationships between sympatric predators exposed to lethal control: predator manipulation experiments
BL Allen, LR Allen, RM Engeman, LKP Leung
Frontiers in Zoology 10, 1-18, 2013
The COMBREX project: design, methodology, and initial results
BP Anton, YC Chang, P Brown, HP Choi, LL Faller, J Guleria, Z Hu, ...
PLoS biology 11 (8), e1001638, 2013
Balancing dingo conservation with human safety on Fraser Island: the numerical and demographic effects of humane destruction of dingoes
BL Allen, K Higginbottom, JH Bracks, N Davies, GS Baxter
Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 22 (2), 197-215, 2015
Interactions between two naturalised invasive predators in Australia: are feral cats suppressed by dingoes?
BL Allen, LR Allen, LKP Leung
Biological Invasions 17, 761-776, 2015
Dingoes at the doorstep: preliminary data on the ecology of dingoes in urban areas
BL Allen, M Goullet, LR Allen, A Lisle, LKP Leung
Landscape and Urban Planning 119, 131-135, 2013
Health care cost analysis in a population-based inception cohort of inflammatory bowel disease patients in the first year of diagnosis
O Niewiadomski, C Studd, C Hair, J Wilson, J McNeill, R Knight, E Prewett, ...
Journal of Crohn's and Colitis 9 (11), 988-996, 2015
A comment on the distribution of historical and contemporary livestock grazing across Australia: Implications for using dingoes for biodiversity conservation
BL Allen
Ecological Management and Restoration 12 (1), 26-30, 2011
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