Oka Kurniawan
Oka Kurniawan
Singapore University of Technology and Design
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Modeling and simulation of active plasmonics with the FDTD method by using solid state and Lorentz–Drude dispersive model
I Ahmed, EH Khoo, O Kurniawan, EP Li
JOSA B 28 (3), 352-359, 2011
Investigation of Range‐energy Relationships for Low‐energy Electron Beams in Silicon and Gallium Nitride
O Kurniawan, VKS Ong
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Ballistic calculation of nonequilibrium Green's function in nanoscale devices using finite element method
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Carbon nanotube Schottky diode: an atomic perspective
P Bai, E Li, KT Lam, O Kurniawan, WS Koh
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Low-voltage cross-sectional EBIC for characterisation of GaN-based light emitting devices
G Moldovan, P Kazemian, PR Edwards, VKS Ong, O Kurniawan, ...
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Choice of generation volume models for electron beam induced current computation
O Kurniawan, VKS Ong
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Effectiveness of physical robot versus robot simulator in teaching introductory programming
O Kurniawan, NTS Lee, S Datta, N Sockalingam, PK Leong
2018 IEEE international conference on teaching, assessment, and learning for …, 2018
Simplified model for ballistic current–voltage characteristic in cylindrical nanowires
O Kurniawan, MF Ng, WS Koh, ZY Leong, E Li
Microelectronics journal 41 (2-3), 155-161, 2010
Assessing programming skills and knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic: An experience report
NTS Lee, O Kurniawan, KTW Choo
Proceedings of the 26th ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in …, 2021
Securing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programming exams
O Kurniawan, NTS Lee, CM Poskitt
Proceedings of the 51st ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science …, 2020
An analysis of the factors affecting the alpha parameter used for extracting surface recombination velocity in EBIC measurements
O Kurniawan, VKS Ong
Solid-state electronics 50 (3), 345-354, 2006
Helping students connect interdisciplinary concepts and skills in physical chemistry and introductory computing: Solving Schrodinger’s equation for the hydrogen atom
O Kurniawan, LLA Koh, JZM Cheng, M Pee
Journal of Chemical Education 96 (10), 2202-2207, 2019
Determination of diffusion lengths with the use of EBIC from a diffused junction with any values of junction depths
O Kurniawan, VKS Ong
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Charge collection from within a collecting junction well
O Kurniawan, VKS Ong
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Game-Based versus gamified learning platform in helping university students learn programming
O Kurniawan, NTS Lee, N Sockalingam, KL Pey
ASCILITE Publications, 159-168, 2019
Integration of plasmonics into nanoelectronic circuits
P Bai, HS Chu, M Gu, O Kurniawan, E Li
Physica B: condensed matter 405 (14), 2978-2981, 2010
A method of accurately determining the positions of the edges of depletion regions in semiconductor junctions
VKS Ong, O Kurniawan, G Moldovan, CJ Humphreys
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Integrated system-level electronic design automation (EDA) for designing plasmonic nanocircuits
HS Chu, O Kurniawan, W Zhang, D Li, EP Li
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Analysis of wetting layer effect on electronic structures of truncated-pyramid quantum dots
Q Zhao, T Mei, D Zhang, O Kurniawan
Optical and quantum electronics 42, 705-711, 2011
Device parameters characterization with the use of EBIC
O Kurniawan
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