J. Tiago Gonçalves
J. Tiago Gonçalves
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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Adult neurogenesis in the hippocampus: from stem cells to behavior
JT Gonçalves, ST Schafer, FH Gage
Cell 167 (4), 897-914, 2016
An in vivo model of functional and vascularized human brain organoids
AAF Mansour, JT Gonçalves, CW Bloyd, H Li, S Fernandes, D Quang, ...
Nature biotechnology 36 (5), 432-441, 2018
Directly reprogrammed human neurons retain aging-associated transcriptomic signatures and reveal age-related nucleocytoplasmic defects
J Mertens, ACM Paquola, M Ku, E Hatch, L Böhnke, S Ladjevardi, ...
Cell stem cell 17 (6), 705-718, 2015
What is memory? The present state of the engram
M Poo, M Pignatelli, TJ Ryan, S Tonegawa, T Bonhoeffer, KC Martin, ...
BMC biology 14 (1), 1-18, 2016
Simultaneous two-photon calcium imaging at different depths with spatiotemporal multiplexing
A Cheng, JT Gonçalves, P Golshani, K Arisaka, C Portera-Cailliau
Nature methods 8 (2), 139-142, 2011
Circuit level defects in the developing neocortex of Fragile X mice
JT Gonçalves, JE Anstey, P Golshani, C Portera-Cailliau
Nature neuroscience 16 (7), 903-909, 2013
Internally mediated developmental desynchronization of neocortical network activity
P Golshani, JT Gonçalves, S Khoshkhoo, R Mostany, S Smirnakis, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (35), 10890-10899, 2009
Neuron to glia signaling triggers myelin membrane exocytosis from endosomal storage sites
K Trajkovic, AS Dhaunchak, JT Goncalves, D Wenzel, A Schneider, ...
The Journal of cell biology 172 (6), 937-948, 2006
Paradox of pattern separation and adult neurogenesis: A dual role for new neurons balancing memory resolution and robustness
ST Johnston, M Shtrahman, S Parylak, JT Gonçalves, FH Gage
Neurobiology of learning and memory 129, 60-68, 2016
In vivo imaging of dendritic pruning in dentate granule cells
JT Gonçalves, CW Bloyd, M Shtrahman, ST Johnston, ST Schafer, ...
Nature neuroscience 19 (6), 788-791, 2016
Beyond excitation/inhibition imbalance in multidimensional models of neural circuit changes in brain disorders
C O'Donnell, JT Gonçalves, C Portera-Cailliau, TJ Sejnowski
Elife 6, e26724, 2017
Fluorescence imaging with two-photon evanescent wave excitation
F Schapper, JT Gonçalves, M Oheim
European Biophysics Journal 32 (7), 635-643, 2003
Calmodulin interaction with hEAG1 visualized by FRET microscopy
JT Gonçalves, W Stühmer
PLoS One 5 (5), e10873, 2010
AAV ablates neurogenesis in the adult murine hippocampus
S Johnston, SL Parylak, S Kim, N Mac, C Lim, I Gallina, C Bloyd, ...
Elife 10, e59291, 2021
The population tracking model: a simple, scalable statistical model for neural population data
C O’Donnell, JT Gonçalves, N Whiteley, C Portera-Cailliau, TJ Sejnowski
Neural computation 29 (1), 50-93, 2017
Enriched environment promotes adult hippocampal neurogenesis through FGFRs
M Grońska-Pęski, JT Gonçalves, JM Hébert
Journal of Neuroscience 41 (13), 2899-2910, 2021
Fragile X Syndrome
JT Goncalves, C Portera-Cailliau
Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics: Second Edition, 106-109, 2013
Donor-derived vasculature is required to support neocortical cell grafts after stroke
J Krzyspiak, J Yan, HS Ghosh, B Galinski, PJ Lituma, K Alvina, A Quezada, ...
Stem Cell Research 59, 102642, 2022
Intravital Two-Photon Excitation Microscopy in Neuroscience: General Concepts and Applications
JT Gonçalves, R Mostany
Advances in Intravital Microscopy, 1-23, 2014
Seizure-induced strengthening of a recurrent excitatory circuit in the dentate gyrus is proconvulsant
K Nasrallah, MA Frechou, YJ Yoon, S Persaud, JT Gonçalves, PE Castillo
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (32), e2201151119, 2022
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