Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp
Associate Professor in Biological Anthropology, University of Otago
Потвърден имейл адрес: otago.ac.nz
Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a Middle Pleistocene cave bear reconstructed from ultrashort DNA fragments
J Dabney, M Knapp, I Glocke, MT Gansauge, A Weihmann, B Nickel, ...
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Environmental DNA for wildlife biology and biodiversity monitoring
K Bohmann, A Evans, MTP Gilbert, GR Carvalho, S Creer, M Knapp, ...
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Relaxed molecular clock provides evidence for long-distance dispersal of Nothofagus (southern beech)
M Knapp, K Stöckler, D Havell, F Delsuc, F Sebastiani, PJ Lockhart
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Next generation sequencing of ancient DNA: requirements, strategies and perspectives
M Knapp, M Hofreiter
Genes 1 (2), 227-243, 2010
Identification of the remains of King Richard III
TE King, GG Fortes, P Balaresque, MG Thomas, D Balding, PM Delser, ...
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Withering away—25,000 years of genetic decline preceded cave bear extinction
M Stiller, G Baryshnikov, H Bocherens, AG d'Anglade, B Hilpert, ...
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Setting the stage–Building and working in an ancient DNA laboratory
M Knapp, AC Clarke, K Horsburgh, EA Matisoo-Smith
Annals of Anatomy-Anatomischer Anzeiger 194 (1), 3-6, 2012
Direct multiplex sequencing (DMPS)—a novel method for targeted high-throughput sequencing of ancient and highly degraded DNA
M Stiller, M Knapp, U Stenzel, M Hofreiter, M Meyer
Genome Research 19 (10), 1843-1848, 2009
The drowning of New Zealand and the problem of Agathis
M Knapp, R Mudaliar, D Havell, SJ Wagstaff, PJ Lockhart
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First DNA sequences from Asian cave bear fossils reveal deep divergences and complex phylogeographic patterns
M Knapp, N Rohland, J Weinstock, G Baryshnikov, A Sher, D Nagel, ...
Molecular Ecology 18 (6), 1225-1238, 2009
Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding reveals strong discrimination among diverse marine habitats connected by water movement
GJ Jeunen, M Knapp, HG Spencer, MD Lamare, HR Taylor, M Stat, ...
Molecular ecology resources 19 (2), 426-438, 2019
Beyond Biodiversity: Can Environmental DNA (eDNA) Cut It as a Population Genetics Tool?
CIM Adams, M Knapp, NJ Gemmell, GJ Jeunen, M Bunce, MD Lamare, ...
Genes 10 (3), 192, 2019
Discovery of lost diversity of paternal horse lineages using ancient DNA
S Lippold, M Knapp, T Kuznetsova, JA Leonard, N Benecke, A Ludwig, ...
Nature communications 2, 450, 2011
Complete mitochondrial DNA genome sequences from the first New Zealanders
M Knapp, KA Horsburgh, S Prost, JA Stanton, HR Buckley, RK Walter, ...
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Mitochondrial DNA diversity and evolution of the Pleistocene cave bear complex
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Extinction and recolonization of coastal megafauna following human arrival in New Zealand
CJ Collins, NJ Rawlence, S Prost, CNK Anderson, M Knapp, RP Scofield, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1786), 20140097, 2014
Influence of climate warming on arctic mammals? New insights from ancient DNA studies of the collared lemming Dicrostonyx torquatus
S Prost, N Smirnov, VB Fedorov, RS Sommer, M Stiller, D Nagel, M Knapp, ...
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Generating barcoded libraries for multiplex high-throughput sequencing
M Knapp, M Stiller, M Meyer
Ancient DNA, 155-170, 2012
The evolutionary and phylogeographic history of woolly mammoths: a comprehensive mitogenomic analysis
D Chang, M Knapp, J Enk, S Lippold, M Kircher, A Lister, RDE MacPhee, ...
Scientific reports 7, 44585, 2017
Subsistence practices, past biodiversity, and anthropogenic impacts revealed by New Zealand-wide ancient DNA survey
FV Seersholm, TL Cole, A Grealy, NJ Rawlence, K Greig, M Knapp, M Stat, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (30), 7771-7776, 2018
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