Hao Ye
Hao Ye
University of Pennsylvania, Community for Rigor
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Detecting causality in complex ecosystems
G Sugihara, R May, H Ye, C Hsieh, E Deyle, M Fogarty, S Munch
Science 338 (6106), 496-500, 2012
Distinguishing time-delayed causal interactions using convergent cross mapping
H Ye, ER Deyle, LJ Gilarranz, G Sugihara
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Equation-free mechanistic ecosystem forecasting using empirical dynamic modeling
H Ye, RJ Beamish, SM Glaser, SCH Grant, C Hsieh, LJ Richards, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112, E1569-E1576, 2015
The structures of letters and symbols throughout human history are selected to match those found in objects in natural scenes
MA Changizi, Q Zhang, H Ye, S Shimojo
The American Naturalist 167 (5), E117-E139, 2006
Fluctuating interaction network and time-varying stability of a natural fish community
M Ushio, C Hsieh, R Masuda, ER Deyle, H Ye, CW Chang, G Sugihara, ...
Nature 554 (7692), 360, 2018
Spatial 'convergent cross mapping' to detect causal relationships from short time-series
AT Clark, H Ye, F Isbell, ER Deyle, JM Cowles, D Tilman, G Sugihara
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Predicting climate effects on Pacific sardine
ER Deyle, M Fogarty, C Hsieh, L Kaufman, AD MacCall, SB Munch, ...
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Causal feedbacks in climate change
EH van Nes, M Scheffer, V Brovkin, TM Lenton, H Ye, E Deyle, ...
Nature Climate Change 5 (5), 445-448, 2015
Information leverage in interconnected ecosystems: Overcoming the curse of dimensionality
H Ye, G Sugihara
Science 353 (6302), 922-925, 2016
Complex dynamics may limit prediction in marine fisheries
SM Glaser, MJ Fogarty, H Liu, I Altman, CH Hsieh, L Kaufman, ...
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The intrinsic predictability of ecological time series and its potential to guide forecasting
F Pennekamp, AC Iles, J Garland, G Brennan, U Brose, U Gaedke, ...
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Predicting coastal algal blooms in southern California
JA McGowan, ER Deyle, H Ye, ML Carter, CT Perretti, KD Seger, ...
Ecology 98 (5), 1419-1433, 2017
Nonlinear prediction of solar cycle 24
A Kilcik, CNK Anderson, JP Rozelot, H Ye, G Sugihara, A Ozguc
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Quantitative argument for long-term ecological monitoring
A Giron-Nava, CC James, AF Johnson, D Dannecker, B Kolody, A Lee, ...
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Convergent cross mapping: theory and an example
AA Tsonis, ER Deyle, H Ye, G Sugihara
Advances in nonlinear geosciences, 587-600, 2018
Cooperative network dynamics
G Sugihara, H Ye
Nature 458 (7241), 979-980, 2009
Detecting and forecasting complex nonlinear dynamics in spatially structured catch-per-unit-effort time series for North Pacific albacore (Thunnus alalunga)
SM Glaser, H Ye, M Maunder, A MacCall, M Fogarty, G Sugihara
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 68 (3), 400-412, 2011
Are exploited fish populations stable?
G Sugihara, J Beddington, C Hsieh, E Deyle, M Fogarty, SM Glaser, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (48), E1224-E1225, 2011
Long‐term warming destabilizes aquatic ecosystems through weakening biodiversity‐mediated causal networks
CW Chang, H Ye, T Miki, ER Deyle, S Souissi, O Anneville, R Adrian, ...
Global Change Biology 26 (11), 6413-6423, 2020
rEDM: Applications of Empirical Dynamic Modeling from Time Series
H Ye, A Clark, E Deyle, S Munch, O Keyes, J Cai, E White, J Cowles, ...
https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.596502, 2017
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