Björn Hellenkamp
Björn Hellenkamp
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Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements—a multi-laboratory benchmark study
B Hellenkamp, S Schmid, O Doroshenko, O Opanasyuk, R Kühnemuth, ...
Nature Methods 15 (9), 669, 2018
Dynamics of heat shock protein 90 C-terminal dimerization is an important part of its conformational cycle
C Ratzke, M Mickler, B Hellenkamp, J Buchner, T Hugel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (37), 16101-16106, 2010
Multi-domain structure and correlated dynamics determined by self-consistent FRET networks
B Hellenkamp, P Wortmann, F Kandzia, M Zacharias, T Hugel
Nature methods 14 (2), 174, 2017
The charged linker of the molecular chaperone Hsp90 modulates domain contacts and biological function
M Jahn, A Rehn, B Pelz, B Hellenkamp, K Richter, M Rief, J Buchner, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (50), 17881-17886, 2014
Four-colour FRET reveals directionality in the Hsp90 multicomponent machinery
C Ratzke, B Hellenkamp, T Hugel
Nature communications 5, ncomms5192, 2014
Hierarchical dynamics in allostery following ATP hydrolysis monitored by single molecule FRET measurements and MD simulations
S Wolf, B Sohmen, B Hellenkamp, J Thurn, G Stock, T Hugel
Chemical Science 12 (9), 3350-3359, 2021
Nucleotides and substrates trigger the dynamics of the Toc34 GTPase homodimer involved in chloroplast preprotein translocation
C Lumme, H Altan-Martin, R Dastvan, MS Sommer, M Oreb, D Schuetz, ...
Structure 22 (4), 526-538, 2014
Toward implantable devices for angle-sensitive, lens-less, multifluorescent, single-photon lifetime imaging in the brain using Fabry–Perot and absorptive color filters
A Taal, C Lee, J Choi, B Hellenkamp, K Shepard
Light: Science & Applications 11 (24), 2022
Thermoswitchable nanoparticles based on elastin-like polypeptides
B Kracke, JT Cole, CJO Kaiser, B Hellenkamp, S Krysiak, A Ghoorchian, ...
Macromolecules 48 (16), 5868-5877, 2015
Kinetics of Transient Protein Complexes Determined via Diffusion-Independent Microfluidic Mixing and Fluorescence Stoichiometry
B Hellenkamp, J Thurn, M Stadlmeier, T Hugel
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2018
Cool and dynamic: single-molecule fluorescence-based structural biology
TD Craggs
Nature methods 14 (2), 123, 2017
Allosteric action of nucleotides on Hsp90 across several time-and length scales
S Wolf, B Sohmen, B Hellenkamp, J Thurn, G Stock, T Hugel
bioRxiv, 2020
Combining Single-Molecule Fluorescence and MD-Simulations to Delineate the Kinetics and Regulation of Proteins
T Hugel, S Schmid, S Wolf, B Hellenkamp, B Sohmen, J Thurn, G Stock
Biophysical Journal 120 (3), 100a-101a, 2021
Dynamic structure of a multi-domain protein: uncovered using self-consistent FRET networks and time-correlated distance distributions
B Hellenkamp
Dissertation, München, Technische Universität München, 2016, 0
Carbon-nanotube field-effect transistors for resolving single-molecule aptamer–ligand binding kinetics
Y Lee, J Buchheim, B Hellenkamp, D Lynall, K Yang, EF Young, B Penkov, ...
Nature Nanotechnology, 1-8, 2024
Characterizing the Conformational Free-Energy Landscape of RNA Stem-Loops Using Single-Molecule Field-Effect Transistors
SS Jang, S Dubnik, J Hon, B Hellenkamp, DG Lynall, KL Shepard, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022
Understanding Allosteric Information Transfer Across Time-and Length Scales
S Wolf, B Sohmen, B Hellenkamp, J Thurn, T Hugel, G Stock
Biophysical Journal 118 (3), 169a, 2020
Hierarchical coupling between ATP hydrolysis and Hsp90’s client binding site
S Wolf, B Sohmen, B Hellenkamp, J Thurn, G Stock, T Hugel
bioRxiv, 2020
Single-Molecule Fluorescence Measurements of Transient Protein Complexes Determined via Diffusion-Independent Microfluidic Mixing
J Thurn, B Hellenkamp, T Hugel
Biophysical Journal 116 (3), 163a, 2019
Single Molecule FRET-A Multi-Environment Ruler for Determining Structure and Dynamics
B Hellenkamp
Biophysical Journal 116 (3), 469a, 2019
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