DR Visscher
DR Visscher
Assistant Professor of Biology, The King's University
Потвърден имейл адрес: kingsu.ca
Scales of movement by elk (Cervus elaphus) in response to heterogeneity in forage resources and predation risk
JL Frair, EH Merrill, DR Visscher, D Fortin, HL Beyer, JM Morales
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Memory keeps you at home: a mechanistic model for home range emergence
B Van Moorter, D Visscher, S Benhamou, L Börger, MS Boyce, ...
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GPS measurement error influences on movement model parameterization
CL Jerde, DR Visscher
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Identifying movement states from location data using cluster analysis
B Van Moorter, DR Visscher, CL Jerde, JL Frair, EH Merrill
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GPS measurement error and resource selection functions in a fragmented landscape
D R. Visscher
Ecography 29 (3), 458-464, 2006
Estimating woody browse availability for ungulates at increasing snow depths
DR Visscher, EH Merrill, D Fortin, JL Frair
Forest Ecology and Management 222 (1-3), 348-354, 2006
Inferring behavioural mechanisms in habitat selection studies getting the null‐hypothesis right for functional and familiarity responses
B Van Moorter, D Visscher, I Herfindal, M Basille, A Mysterud
Ecography 36 (3), 323-330, 2013
Inferring linear feature use in the presence of GPS measurement error
HW McKenzie, CL Jerde, DR Visscher, EH Merrill, MA Lewis
Environmental and Ecological Statistics 16 (4), 531-546, 2009
Temporal dynamics of forage succession for elk at two scales: implications of forest management
DR Visscher, EH Merrill
Forest Ecology and Management 257 (1), 96-106, 2009
Environmental and maternal correlates of foetal sex ratios in the African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) and savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana)
DR Visscher, RJ Van Aarde, I Whyte
Journal of Zoology 264 (2), 111-116, 2004
Human risk induced behavioral shifts in refuge use by elk in an agricultural matrix
DR Visscher, I Macleod, K Vujnovic, D Vujnovic, PD Dewitt
Wildlife Society Bulletin 41 (1), 162-169, 2017
Hierarchical trade-offs between risk and reward mediated by behavior
DR Visscher, EH Merrill, PK Martin
Mammal Research 62 (2), 129-140, 2017
Semi-automated camera trap image processing for the detection of ungulate fence crossing events
M Janzen, K Visser, D Visscher, I MacLeod, D Vujnovic, K Vujnovic
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Predation risks suppress lifetime fitness in a wild mammal
PD DeWitt, DR Visscher, MS Schuler, RP Thiel
Oikos 128 (6), 790-797, 2019
Nutritional state reveals complex consequences of risk in a wild predator–prey community
PD DeWitt, MS Schuler, DR Visscher, RP Thiel
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1858), 20170757, 2017
A global assessment of Echinococcus multilocularis infections in domestic dogs: proposing a framework to overcome past methodological heterogeneity
E Toews, M Musiani, S Checkley, D Visscher, A Massolo
International Journal for Parasitology 51, 379-392, 2021
Functional connectivity in ruminants: A generalized state-dependent modelling approach
DR Visscher, EH Merrill
Plos one 13 (6), e0199671, 2018
Spatial-temporal dynamics of elk forages in the central east slopes elk study area
D Visscher, J Frair, D Fortin, H Beyer, E Merrill
Beyer H., Frair J., Visscher D., Fortin D., Merrill E., Boyce M. and Allen J …, 2004
Seed Availability Does Not Ensure Regeneration in Northern Ecosystems of the Endangered Limber Pine
VS Peters, DR Visscher
Forests 10 (2), 146, 2019
Resiliency in masting systems: Do evolved seed escape strategies benefit an endangered pine?
VS Peters, MS Gelderman, DR Visscher
Ecosphere 8 (9), e01928, 2017
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