Arne Ulbrich
Arne Ulbrich
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Formic-acid-induced depolymerization of oxidized lignin to aromatics
A Rahimi, A Ulbrich, JJ Coon, SS Stahl
Nature 515 (7526), 249-252, 2014
The one hour yeast proteome
AS Hebert, AL Richards, DJ Bailey, A Ulbrich, EE Coughlin, MS Westphall, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 13 (1), 339-347, 2014
Mitochondrial protein interaction mapping identifies regulators of respiratory chain function
BJ Floyd, EM Wilkerson, MT Veling, CE Minogue, C Xia, ET Beebe, ...
Molecular cell 63 (4), 621-632, 2016
Lignin conversion to low-molecular-weight aromatics via an aerobic oxidation-hydrolysis sequence: comparison of different lignin sources
A Das, A Rahimi, A Ulbrich, M Alherech, AH Motagamwala, A Bhalla, ...
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 6 (3), 3367-3374, 2018
One-hour proteome analysis in yeast
AL Richards, AS Hebert, A Ulbrich, DJ Bailey, EE Coughlin, MS Westphall, ...
Nature protocols 10 (5), 701-714, 2015
Mitochondrial protein functions elucidated by multi-omic mass spectrometry profiling
JA Stefely, NW Kwiecien, EC Freiberger, AL Richards, A Jochem, ...
Nature biotechnology 34 (11), 1191-1197, 2016
Mitochondrial COQ9 is a lipid-binding protein that associates with COQ7 to enable coenzyme Q biosynthesis
DC Lohman, F Forouhar, ET Beebe, MS Stefely, CE Minogue, A Ulbrich, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (44), E4697-E4705, 2014
Mitochondrial ADCK3 employs an atypical protein kinase-like fold to enable coenzyme Q biosynthesis
JA Stefely, AG Reidenbach, A Ulbrich, K Oruganty, BJ Floyd, A Jochem, ...
Molecular cell 57 (1), 83-94, 2015
Cerebellar ataxia and coenzyme Q deficiency through loss of unorthodox kinase activity
JA Stefely, F Licitra, L Laredj, AG Reidenbach, ZA Kemmerer, ...
Molecular cell 63 (4), 608-620, 2016
Plant-derived antifungal agent poacic acid targets β-1, 3-glucan
JS Piotrowski, H Okada, F Lu, SC Li, L Hinchman, A Ranjan, DL Smith, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (12), E1490-E1497, 2015
Metabolism of Multiple Aromatic Compounds in Corn Stover Hydrolysate by Rhodopseudomonas palustris
S Austin, WS Kontur, A Ulbrich, JZ Oshlag, W Zhang, A Higbee, Y Zhang, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 49 (14), 8914-8922, 2015
Systems analyses reveal physiological roles and genetic regulators of liver lipid species
P Jha, MT McDevitt, R Gupta, PM Quiros, EG Williams, K Gariani, ...
Cell systems 6 (6), 722-733. e6, 2018
Multi-omic mitoprotease profiling defines a role for Oct1p in coenzyme Q production
MT Veling, AG Reidenbach, EC Freiberger, NW Kwiecien, PD Hutchins, ...
Molecular cell 68 (5), 970-977. e11, 2017
Novosphingobium aromaticivorans uses a Nu-class glutathione S-transferase as a glutathione lyase in breaking the β-aryl ether bond of lignin
WS Kontur, CA Bingman, CN Olmsted, DR Wassarman, A Ulbrich, DL Gall, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (14), 4955-4968, 2018
Genetic regulation of plasma lipid species and their association with metabolic phenotypes
P Jha, MT McDevitt, E Halilbasic, EG Williams, PM Quiros, K Gariani, ...
Cell systems 6 (6), 709-721. e6, 2018
High-resolution filtering for improved small molecule identification via GC/MS
NW Kwiecien, DJ Bailey, MJP Rush, JS Cole, A Ulbrich, AS Hebert, ...
Analytical chemistry 87 (16), 8328-8335, 2015
Ptc7p dephosphorylates select mitochondrial proteins to enhance metabolic function
X Guo, NM Niemi, PD Hutchins, SGF Condon, A Jochem, A Ulbrich, ...
Cell reports 18 (2), 307-313, 2017
Aromatic inhibitors derived from ammonia-pretreated lignocellulose hinder bacterial ethanologenesis by activating regulatory circuits controlling inhibitor efflux and …
DH Keating, Y Zhang, IM Ong, S McIlwain, EH Morales, JA Grass, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 5, 402, 2014
Neutron-encoded protein quantification by peptide carbamylation
A Ulbrich, AE Merrill, AS Hebert, MS Westphall, MP Keller, AD Attie, ...
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 25, 6-9, 2014
Organic acid quantitation by NeuCode methylamidation
A Ulbrich, DJ Bailey, MS Westphall, JJ Coon
Analytical chemistry 86 (9), 4402-4408, 2014
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