Matthew D. Lew
Matthew D. Lew
Associate Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
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Simultaneous, accurate measurement of the 3D position and orientation of single molecules
MP Backlund, MD Lew, AS Backer, SJ Sahl, G Grover, A Agrawal, ...
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Three-dimensional localization precision of the double-helix point spread function versus astigmatism and biplane
M Badieirostami, MD Lew, MA Thompson, WE Moerner
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Three-dimensional superresolution colocalization of intracellular protein superstructures and the cell surface in live Caulobacter crescentus
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Corkscrew point spread function for far-field three-dimensional nanoscale localization of pointlike objects
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O Liba, MD Lew, ED SoRelle, R Dutta, D Sen, DM Moshfeghi, S Chu, ...
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Extending Microscopic Resolution with Single-Molecule Imaging and Active Control
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Rotational Mobility of Single Molecules Affects Localization Accuracy in Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy
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Azimuthal polarization filtering for accurate, precise, and robust single-molecule localization microscopy
MD Lew, WE Moerner
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Single-molecule orientation localization microscopy for resolving structural heterogeneities between amyloid fibrils
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Super‐resolution Imaging of Amyloid Structures over Extended Times by Using Transient Binding of Single Thioflavin T Molecules
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Easy-DHPSF open-source software for three-dimensional localization of single molecules with precision beyond the optical diffraction limit
MD Lew, ARS von Diezmann, WE Moerner
Protocol Exchange, 2013
Nanoscale colocalization of fluorogenic probes reveals the role of oxygen vacancies in the photocatalytic activity of tungsten oxide nanowires
M Shen, T Ding, ST Hartman, F Wang, C Krucylak, Z Wang, C Tan, B Yin, ...
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The double-helix point spread function enables precise and accurate measurement of 3D single-molecule localization and orientation
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Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Superresolution Imaging VI 8590, 121-131, 2013
Quantitative differential interference contrast microscopy based on structured-aperture interference
X Cui, M Lew, C Yang
Applied Physics Letters 93 (9), 2008
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