Andrew L. Masterson
Andrew L. Masterson
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Late Archean biospheric oxygenation and atmospheric evolution
AJ Kaufman, DT Johnston, J Farquhar, AL Masterson, TW Lyons, S Bates, ...
Science 317 (5846), 1900-1903, 2007
Isotopic evidence for Mesoarchaean anoxia and changing atmospheric sulphur chemistry
J Farquhar, M Peters, DT Johnston, H Strauss, A Masterson, U Wiechert, ...
Nature 449 (7163), 706-709, 2007
Evaluating the role of microbial sulfate reduction in the early Archean using quadruple isotope systematics
Y Shen, J Farquhar, A Masterson, AJ Kaufman, R Buick
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 279 (3-4), 383-391, 2009
Multiple S-isotopic evidence for episodic shoaling of anoxic water during Late Permian mass extinction
Y Shen, J Farquhar, H Zhang, A Masterson, T Zhang, BA Wing
Nature Communications 2 (1), 210, 2011
Chemical controls on incipient Mg-silicate crystallization at 25 C: Implications for early and late diagenesis
NJ Tosca, AL Masterson
Clay Minerals 49 (2), 165-194, 2014
Sulfur and oxygen isotope study of sulfate reduction in experiments with natural populations from Faellestrand, Denmark
J Farquhar, DE Canfield, A Masterson, H Bao, D Johnston
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (12), 2805-2821, 2008
Placing an upper limit on cryptic marine sulphur cycling
DT Johnston, BC Gill, A Masterson, E Beirne, KL Casciotti, AN Knapp, ...
Nature 513 (7519), 530-533, 2014
Sulfur mass-independent fractionation patterns in the broadband UV photolysis of sulfur dioxide: Pressure and third body effects
AL Masterson, J Farquhar, BA Wing
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 306 (3-4), 253-260, 2011
Sulfur isotope biogeochemistry of the Proterozoic McArthur Basin
DT Johnston, J Farquhar, RE Summons, Y Shen, AJ Kaufman, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (17), 4278-4290, 2008
A mantle origin for Paleoarchean peridotitic diamonds from the Panda kimberlite, Slave Craton: Evidence from 13C-, 15N-and 33, 34S-stable isotope systematics
P Cartigny, J Farquhar, E Thomassot, JW Harris, B Wing, A Masterson, ...
Lithos 112, 852-864, 2009
An evaluation of sedimentary molybdenum and iron as proxies for pore fluid paleoredox conditions
DS Hardisty, TW Lyons, N Riedinger, TT Isson, JD Owens, RC Aller, ...
American Journal of Science 318 (5), 527-556, 2018
Calibration of modern sedimentary δ2H plant wax-water relationships in Greenland lakes
JM McFarlin, Y Axford, AL Masterson, MR Osburn
Quaternary Science Reviews 225, 105978, 2019
Implications from sulfur isotopes of the Nakhla meteorite for the origin of sulfate on Mars
J Farquhar, ST Kim, A Masterson
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 264 (1-2), 1-8, 2007
Mineral‐hosted biofilm communities in the continental deep subsurface, Deep Mine Microbial Observatory, SD, USA
CP Casar, BR Kruger, TM Flynn, AL Masterson, LM Momper, MR Osburn
Geobiology 18 (4), 508-522, 2020
The minor sulfur isotope composition of Cretaceous and Cenozoic seawater sulfate
AL Masterson, BA Wing, A Paytan, J Farquhar, DT Johnston
Paleoceanography 31 (6), 779-788, 2016
Interpreting multiple sulfur isotope signals in modern anoxic sediments using a full diagenetic model (California-Mexico margin: Alfonso Basin)
A Masterson, MJ Alperin, WM Berelson, DT Johnston
American Journal of Science 318 (5), 459-490, 2018
Low Δ12CH2D2 values in microbialgenic methane result from combinatorial isotope effects
L Taenzer, J Labidi, AL Masterson, X Feng, D Rumble III, ED Young, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 285, 225-236, 2020
Carbonate mineral identification and quantification in sediment matrices using diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy
RT So, NE Blair, AL Masterson
Environmental chemistry letters 18, 1725-1730, 2020
Modern constraints on the sources and climate signals recorded by sedimentary plant waxes in west Greenland
H Dion-Kirschner, JM McFarlin, AL Masterson, Y Axford, MR Osburn
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 286, 336-354, 2020
Establishment of the deep mine microbial observatory (DeMMO), South Dakota, USA, a geochemically stable portal into the deep subsurface
MR Osburn, B Kruger, AL Masterson, CP Casar, JP Amend
Frontiers in Earth Science 7, 196, 2019
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